Will Keurig Filters Fit Cuisinart?

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The short answer is, no.

Keurig filters will not fit in Cuisinart coffee machines because the filters are slightly different sizes.

Keurig filters are 1.2” high and 2” long whereas Cuisinart filters are slightly smaller at 1” high and just under 2” long (1⅞”.)

But because there is such a small difference, you can see why some people might try!

Keurig vs Cuisinart Filters: Similarities

How (else) are the filters similar?

[1] The filters should only be used for 60 days or 60 brews.

[2] The filters have the same three layer design: structure, micro mesh and ultrafine charcoal.

Keurig vs Cuisinart Filters: Confusion

Where does the confusion come from?

There might be some confusion for two reasons:

[1] People have Keurig and Cuisinart machines in their homes and would like to use replaceable filters in both machines.

[2] Cuisinart make a model for K- Cups and there could be a slight confusion that this is a Keurig machine.

What does a (carbon) water filter do?

Carbon or charcoal water filters remove impurities, odor and  bad tastes from tap water. 

Carbon filters are incredibly porous and as tap water flows through them, chemicals and impurities stick to them.

These include all known by products of chlorine, which helps makes the taste and smell of the water much better. 

More seriously, some of these by products are VOCs or volatile organic compounds- some of which are known to be human carcinogens.

Charcoal water filters are the best filters at removing these dangerous VOCs.

Does the Filter Remove Limescale?

Carbon filters are great but they can’t do everything- not quite.

Even with a water filter fitted in your coffee machine, you might still need to descale your coffee machine?

I say might because coffee machines need to be descaled when they a build up of limescale in them.

Limescale is that white furry substance that you might have seen around your taps,hot water kettle or in your Cuisinart. 

And this happens in areas that have hard water. 

Hard water is water that has a higher concentration of calcium and magnesium deposits in it.

Stopping a build up of limescale cannot be done just with a charcoal filter, a water softener needs to be added.

You can find out more about how to descale your coffee machine by reading this post. 

Can you use filtered water in your Cuisinart coffee maker?

Yes, you can use filtered water in your coffee maker although if you do this, I wouldn’t bother buying water filters for your coffee machine.

This is because the water is being filtered twice and the second filtering is probably not removing any more impurities.

If you want my advice, just skip using filtered water.

Buy and install water filters for your coffee machine and let it do the hard work for you.

How do I clean the filter?

You don’t. You can clean your machine but the filter just needs to be replaced. 

Running it under cold water will not work because the carbon inside the filter has absorbed as many impurities and rinsing it will not clean it.

Unfortunately, it just needs to be thrown in the trash. 

How often should the filter be replaced?

If the area where you live has hard water then you should consider replacing your filter after sixty uses.

For all other water types, changing your filter every 2 months or 60 days is fine.  

Best Keurig Filter

If you are a keen fan of the brand, then you might want to stick with filters made by Keurig themselves. They come in packs of 2, 6 and 12.

However, if you just want a highly rated filter that is proven to work well, try these filters. The 12 pack is much cheaper.

Best Cuisinart Filter

OK. If you want genuine Cuisinart filters, try this two pack or this three pack.

Or if you are happy with a highly rated compatible filter, then this 12 pack of filters is great.

Once again, with the compatible packs you get much more for your money. 

Final Thoughts

Will Keurig filters fit Cuisinart?

No. Although the filters for these two brands of coffee machines are very similar in size, each filter is designed to fit perfectly within the coffee maker’s water reservoir.

Therefore, I would recommend that you just buy the correct type filter for your machine to save any problems further down the road.