What Can I Drink to Help Me Sleep?

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Is unwinding and getting a good night’s rest after a weary day at work something you battle with?

At night do you find yourself tossing and turning in your bed for long stretches of time?

Nighttime is a time many people look forward to because they get to relax, sleep and feel refreshed the next morning.

But you can’t say the same for yourself, why?

Because you just can’t sleep.

That’s not fair and it’s no way to live, plus you need a good night sleep – always – else you’ll eventually break down.

Now, here’s some good news, we’ve put together for you some healthy drinks that’ll relax your nerves and put you to sleep even before you drain the last drops in the cup.

Amazing, isn’t it?

So let’s get right to it.

Malted Milk

Horlicks Drinking Powder

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As a kid, I’m sure you remember your traditional warm cup of milk just before bedtime.

If your memory still serves you well and you recall correctly, it made you sleep better and you woke up refreshed in the morning. Right?  

That’s exactly what you get from Horlicks.

How will a cup of Malted milk help me sleep?  You may ask.

It’s because Horlicks contains many vitamins and minerals including folic acid, iron, zinc, proteins and many others.

This combination of vitamins and minerals aren’t really responsible for sleepiness, instead they help you relax and de-stress which prepares your body for a good night sleep.

Drinking it hot just before bedtime makes it even more effective, the hot drink streaming down your throat first warms you up then it decreases your body temperature, relaxes your muscles and helps your body get that sleep it totally deserves.

Horlicks Malted milk drink is made of malted barley, wheat flour, skimmed milk, sugar and a variety of vitamins and minerals to nourish your body.

It has no trace stimulants like nicotine, caffeine etc., and it digests very easily. The taste doesn’t disappoint too, it’s simply delicious.

Valerian Tea

Dr Stuart’s Valerian Plus Tea Bags

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Valerian Tea is another snooze inducing drink. It has been in use for centuries to help people relax and relieve stress and it’ll still effectively put you to sleep if you take some just before bedtime.

Now how does this work?

Valerian Tea contains compounds like valerenic acid, isovaleric acid and a number of antioxidants, these compounds reduce anxiety, relax your muscles and make you fall asleep.

Researchers found that a substance called gamma-amino butyric acid (GABA) helps the brain and nervous system regulate nerve impulses, and low levels of GABA have been linked to sleep disorder and nervousness.

This is where Valerian Tea comes in.

The acids in Valerian Tea; valerenic acid and isovaleric acid react with GABA and prevents it from breaking down thereby maintaining a healthy level of GABA which promotes serenity and restfulness and finally puts you to sleep.

This effect of Valerian Tea on the body earned it the name ‘nature’s Valium’.

So the next time you intend to have a restful night sleep, think of Valerian Tea.

A blend of Valerian root, lime flowers and hops have been put together in the traditional Victorian recipe for you in Dr. Stuart Valerian Plus Tea.

This naturally caffeine-free drink is made from the best of herbs to give you the aromatic bitter flavors of Valerian root and hops while slowly leading you to dreamland.

To get the most of Dr. Stuart’s Valerian Plus Tea, brew it for four or five minutes and cover the mug while doing so.

This ensures all the essential oils are released so you can have a cup of absolute goodness.

Green Tea

Sencha Green Tea Powder (Decaf)

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Maybe you’ve heard of green tea or maybe not. But if a restful and good night sleep is something you don’t get very often then a cup of decaf green tea is probably what you need.

Green Tea is known to contain many chemical substances with loads of heath benefits. Among these substances is an amino acid (L-theanine) that relaxes the mind, soothes the nerves and relieves the body of stress. L-theanine is found in abundance in green tea, its sleep inducing and anti-anxiety qualities is due to its ability to increase the level of GABA (a chemical found in the nervous system and aids in relaxation) in the body.

Green Tea naturally contains caffeine which isn’t very good for a restful sleep and has been found to actually cause sleep disorders. Even with L-theanine present in green tea, it’s caffeine content is high enough to disrupt your sleep and have you staring up your ceiling at midnight.

Not cool, right?

Now that’s why you have a decaffeinated green tea and the Sencha Green Tea Powder Decaf is just right.

It’s made in Japan and decaffeinated using a natural decaffeination process which ensures the caffeine is selectively removed but other beneficial substances are retained.

With this smooth and delicious drink you get all the amazing benefits of green tea while skipping the caffeine.


Chamomile Tea

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Another popular beverage for combating sleeplessness is Chamomile tea.

This beverage is gotten from the chamomile herb.

It has been around for centuries and used in the treatment of several health conditions.

This naturally caffeine-free drink contains several beneficial substances (antioxidants) that lower the risk of severe health issues like cancer and heart disease.

Its goodness doesn’t end there. Chamomile tea relieves anxiety and helps you sleep even if you have insomnia.

It contains an antioxidant called apigenin which reacts with some receptors in the brain to help you fall into a deep and relaxing sleep.

If falling asleep is a problem them chamomile tea may be what you need and a good choice is the Solimo Chamomile Herbal Tea bags.

Made from fresh-pressed leaves this tea is smooth and tasty, with no artificial colors or flavors it retains the natural chamomile tea taste; delicious with mild bergamot flavor.

The tea bags are individually wrapped which makes for easy usage.

A hot cup of Solimo Chamomile Herbal Tea just before bedtime and you’ll get a good all night sleep – guaranteed.

Tart Cherry Juice

POMONA Pure Tart Cherry Juice

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Isn’t tart cherry juice an ingredient in one of those fancy cocktails?

If you asked that question, you’re absolutely right. But did you know that tart cherry juice is also an active ingredient for a good night sleep?

Aside from the use of tart cherries in exotic dishes, it’s also used as a remedy for insomnia (chronic inability to sleep) as the juice has a natural sleep inducing ability.

And this is because tart cherries contain a generous amount of melatonin; a hormone responsible for making you fall asleep.

The body normally produces melatonin at night to help you relax and fall asleep and the absence of this hormone is directly related to sleeplessness. ()

While some people take melatonin supplements at bedtime to combat sleeping problems a few cups of tart cherry juice instead is a natural and better way of getting a boost in your melatonin level and a good night sleep. This is where the Pomona Pure Tart Cherry Juice comes in.

Cold-pressed from 100% organic and non-GMO tart cherries, this juice is completely free from gluten, preservatives and artificial ingredients.

This tart cherry juice is as healthy it gets,  it comes in non-toxic glass bottles and it sure tastes good.