Starbucks Verismo Pods Alternative

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As a passionate coffee lover, you’re very particular about your brew quality and have a soft spot for high-quality coffee.

Very understandable.

And to get that exact brew quality you enjoy; perfect taste and flavorful aroma, you rely on those wonderful Starbucks Verismo pods because they give you just what you want.

But there’s just one downside to those amazing Verismo pods; yes, they give you that perfect coffee drink you crave and enjoy so much, but aren’t they a little too expensive?

And more than once you’ve found yourself wishing for a cheaper alternative which is just as good.

Now here’s the good news, there are actually cheaper pods that match the taste and flavor of Starbucks Verismo pods.

Yeah, that’s right.

And to make life even easier for you, the top five Verismo alternatives are reviewed below (in no particular order).

What are the biggest types of coffee capsules?

As you may already know, the market is flooded with different brands and flavors of coffee capsules designed to be used in different beverage systems.

These various coffee capsules are basically the same; coffee grounds of a given flavor enclosed in either an aluminum or plastic cone-shaped container.

Despite this basic similarly, coffee capsules are mostly designed for specific coffee machines and are generally not interchangeable.

And these capsules come in different sizes.

A comparison of the capsule size of the major coffee capsules has shown that the K-cup is the biggest, measuring about 49mm in diameter and 32mm in height.

Of course, all K-cups aren’t exactly the same size but the difference isn’t really much.

The next biggest coffee capsule is the Lazzava blue, they measure about 47mm in diameter and 27mm in height.

The CBTL and K-fee are the same sizes; 45mm in diameter and 25mm in height.

Nespresso capsules have a diameter of 38mm and height; 28mm.

With a 36mm diameter and 22mm height, the Milex Cafe Barista come out smallest.

What are Verismo Pods?

Starbucks Verismo Pods are a series of coffee pods designed specifically for Verismo machines.

These coffee pods are available in about 15 different flavors including brewed coffee, espresso, tea, and milk pods.

There are also to decaf options available; Decaf Espresso and Decaf Pike Place Brewed Coffee.

The Verismo Pods a not reusable.

What are compatible coffee pods and why do people use them?

So you’ve heard of compatible coffee pods and now you’re wondering what they are and why you need them.

It’s quite simple.

They’re coffee pods made by third-party companies to be used in pod coffee machines.

But not all coffee pods work with all pod coffee machines, so this is where compatibility comes in.

Since pod coffee machines are of different designs, they can only work with pods/capsules made to fit each unique design.

Compatible coffee pods are made to suit the designs of certain machines, for instance, the Nespresso pod machines has its own coffee capsules designed by Nespresso.

But aside these Nespresso capsules, there are other coffee capsules made by other companies to work with Nespresso machines.

And they’re called Nespresso-compatible capsules.

Now the question is; why use pods from a third party company instead of pods from your machine manufacturer?

Compatible coffee pods are popular and used by lots of coffee lovers because they offer different exciting flavors and most importantly they are a lot cheaper than original coffee pods.

So beside thrilling your taste buds they help you save some bucks.

Who are CBTL?

As an ardent coffee lover, you must be familiar with the brand name Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (CBTL).

They are an American coffee chain with over a thousand stores in the US and 31 other countries.

Also known as Coffee Bean, this company has a wide variety of products; its Original Ice Blended coffee and tea drinks, hot coffee drinks, and hot and iced tea drinks.

It also sells a variety of whole bean coffees, whole leaf teas, flavored powders, and baked goods.

CBTL also offers coffee lovers single serve coffee makers and capsules to delight their taste buds and satisfy their coffee cravings.

They’re a favorite brand of many coffee drinkers.

How are Verismo and CBTL pods physically different?

Okay, you noticed that Verismo and CBTL pods are of the same size and look very much alike and you’re now wondering if there’s any difference at all.

Or are they exactly the same?

On the outside, they’re very much alike but the insides are really different.

Each CBTL pod has two plastic filters, one filter is on the top of the capsule (you can see it if you feel off the aluminum foil on the top) and the second filter is found at the bottom on the pod.

The Verismo pods have only one filter at the bottom of the capsule, no top filter.

That’s the major difference between the two pods.

What are some of the common problems of using CBTL pods in Verismo machines?

If you’ve ever wondered whether CBTL pods can be used in Verismo machines, you have your answer and it’s a YES.

CBTL pods are compatible with the Verismo machines, they work very well but every once in a while there can be a little problem – though it’s nothing really serious.

The most common problem is the tendency of the CBTL pod (especially the espresso pods probably because of the filter disk at the top) to get stuck in the Verismo machine, this doesn’t happen very often and can be remedied with ease.

Simply stick a small fork through the foil lid of the pod, turn the fork to loosen the pod, then pull it out.

You can also use a toothpick to dislodge the stuck capsule.

Another problem is the possibility of coffee particles ending up in your cup.

This never really happens except maybe when you brew for too long.

[1] Italian Coffee Espresso Pods (40 pods)

This is a mixed pack of 40 pods.

It has four different flavors; Cremoso, Brasil, Intenso and Ristretto.

These pods are smooth with aromatic flavors, makes you decent espressos with nice crema and medium body.

The pods in the Cremoso pack will give you a classic Italian espresso which is full of flavour and with beautiful crema

The Ristretto pack will give you a smaller espresso but with a bigger punch.

The Brasil pack will suit all of you who like single origin coffee and 100% of the finest arabica coffee beans.

The Intenso pack quite surprisingly is full of pods for all those long coffee fans: coffee drinkers who want a slightly bigger cup of coffee which has a wonderful balanced flavour.

A major advantage is that you get a wide variety of flavors and some of these aren’t available in Starbucks.

These pods are really worth every dime you pay for them – no kidding.

You may be wondering if these pods will be compatible with the Starbucks Verismo system, actually they’re a bit different from the Verismo V pods but they’re compatible and work alright.

[2] CBTL French Brew

A simple phrase sums up the taste and aroma of these coffee pods – absolutely GREAT.

The CBTL French Brew has a deep dark roasted aroma and full-bodied flavor, it combines optimum aroma and delicate flavor to give you an outstanding brew quality.

With these pods you’ll get your favorite blend of smooth, tasty and strong coffee brew, it sure tastes better than Starbucks and it’s cheaper.

Now what’s better than that! And the aroma, while it’s brewing, is purely heavenly.

With its chocolatey finish, it gives you rich, bold and flavorful coffee drinks which leaves you feeling like a Barista in your own kitchen.

And it’s a perfect way to sweeten your morning and brighten your day, not to mention its energizing jolt.

These pods aren’t compatible with Keurig coffee machines, they’re suitable for only CBTL single serve coffee makers.

If you have a CBTL coffee machine, then these pods are a must-have.

[3] CBTL Costa Rica Brew

This version of CBTL coffee pods is a mid-range roast with medium-bodied crisp flavor and fragrant aroma.

If you like your coffee neither too strong nor too mild, then this one’s for you and you’ll love it.

It perfectly sits half way better too strong and too mild and its flavorful aroma makes it just right.

The smell of the coffee after brewing isn’t only wonderful, it’ll have you kicking back the sheets and jumping off of bed even before the alarm goes off.

The taste doesn’t disappoint either.

It sure beats any K-cup version and Starbucks coffee, don’t take my words when you can find out for yourself.

[4] CBTL 10% Kona Blend

This is another amazing version of coffee pods from CBTL.

This CBTL 10% Kona Blend is a light-roast and smooth-bodied with an extra mild and delicate taste, nutty aroma and sweet finish.

These coffee pods are hand-picked on Mt Hualalai, Huawei Kina coast region.

Even with only 10% Kona Blend, it smells great while brewing and with a creamy caramel flavor, it tastes even better while drinking it, simply add milk and sugar for a more wonderful taste.

These coffee pods are cheaper than the coffee pods from Starbucks, they taste just as good and are compatible with Starbuck’s Verismo machines.

Isn’t that wonderful?

Plus it’s great for your morning coffee and it’s a favorite for many people.

I suggest you try it, it just may become your favorite too.

[5] CBTL House Brew

This is another excellent way to enjoy amazing cups of coffee without a Barista.

It’s another version of light-bodied coffee pods from CBTL.

Unlike the other pods from CBTL, it has a subtle fruity aroma and a buttery finish yet it’s designed to give you a fragrant and flavorful espresso, brew or tea – a major characteristic of CBTL coffee pods.

One single capsule brews you a fresh tasty coffee which is neither too strong nor too mild and if you’re particularly fond of a medium brew this may be the one for you.

It’s a perfect blend of bold and mild and one taste will leave your taste buds craving more – rich and perfect coffee.