Keurig K575 vs K475

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If you have read more than one K575 vs K475 review before, then my comparison will disappoint you.

And you know why?

Because most of the other popular reviews that compare the Keurig K575 and the K475 have got several things wrong.

For instance, one of the biggest mistakes that I have seen is that a key difference between the K575 and the K475 is that the former has customisable wallpaper and the latter doesn’t.

That is wrong- plain and simple. 

Both models have customisable wallpaper. 

And if you read the last part of the Key Features section on this page, it will prove it. 

OK, rant over.

Moving swiftly on, let’s take a look at the real key differences.

Differences: K575 vs K475

As far as I can make out, there are seven differences between these two single serve coffee makers.

  1. Price Most of the time, the K575 will cost more than the K475.
  2. Water Reservoir the K575 has an 80 oz. capacity and the K475 has 70 oz. capacity. 
  3. Hot Water the K575 has an option to dispense hot water only, whereas the K475 hasn’t. 
  4. Screen Size Both machines have color touchscreens but the K575 has a 2.8″ screen, the K475 has a 2.4″ screen.
  5. Nightlight The K575 has a nightlight that illuminates the water reservoir in the dark. The K475 doesn’t have this. 
  6. 18 oz. Brew The K575 is capable of brewing an 18 oz. mug of coffee, whereas the K475 can’t. 
  7. Bonus Gifts While the K575 offers no extras at all, the K475 comes with 6 K-Cup Pods, a Water Filter Handle, and 2 Water Filters.

And now, let’s take a look at what similarities these two machines have. 

Similarities: K575 vs K475

In so many different ways, these two Keurig machines are identical.

The main ways in which they are similar are;


Both of these Keurigs have the same dimensions;

13.2″ H x 10.5″ W x 13.3″ D

Brew Time

Both the K575 and K475 will brew a cup of coffee in just under a minute. 

Brew Sizes

Having a variety of sizes to choose from is also something else which coffee lovers find important from a coffee machine and you can’t go wrong with either the K575 or the K474 in this area.

As was mentioned above, the K575 can brew an 18 oz cup of coffee and the K475 can’t. 

Both coffee makers offer sizes of 4oz., 6oz., 8oz., 10oz., 12oz., 14oz., 16oz., 22oz., 26oz., and 30oz, giving you plenty to choose from.

Temperature Settings

Both of these machines have the option of choosing between five different temperatures. 

Strength Control

Both of these coffee makers give you the option to brew either a regular or a bold strength of coffee. 

Auto On and Off

This feature allows you to program your brewer to turn on or off automatically at set times. 

Energy Saver

This feature is different to the auto on or off function because it allows you to turn off your machine automatically when not in use.

Favorite Brew settings

Like a type of coffee brewed at a certain temperature, size and strength? Then save it! You can store up to five favorites. 

Maintenance Alerts 

These will tell you when the K575 and K475 need to be descaled or have their filters changed.  

Removable Drip Tray

The removable drip tray is a useful feature for more than one reason.

The first and most obvious reason would be the fact that it makes for easier cleaning and removal of the excess drips, while the other reason is that when you remove it, you can fit a taller cup in there.


This is an area of mass confusion in many of the reviews that I have looked at.

As was said earlier, both the K575 and K475 have different color “wallpaper” that can be chosen. 

These wallpapers are the colored background on the touch screen and there is a choice of 16 different colors and patterns. 

Other features that the K575 and K475 have in common are;

  • High Altitude 
  • My K Cup 2.0 compatible
  • Languages: English, French or Spanish

And those are all of the many ways ways in which the Keurig K575 and K475 are similar. 

To finish off this comparison, it is time to look at the pros and cons of each model.

Pros and Cons

K575 Pros

Water Reservoir – The 80oz. Water reservoir that you get with the K575 means more cups of coffee and less time refilling.

Brew Time – Bringing you a cup of coffee in under a minute is definitely a plus for any coffee machine.

Auto On/Off – If you forget to turn the K575 off then you don’t have to worry about it, as it will simply turn off itself.

K575 Cons

Taste – It seems that there have been many complaints about the taste of the coffee, with a general consensus being that it tastes of plastic.

Quality – There have been some quality issues with the K575, with many suggesting that it is unsafe or needs to be recalled due to poor quality.

No Extras – Having no added extras is a big let down with any coffee machine and is likely to lead to lose of sales.

K475 Pros

Controls – The good sized touchscreen display makes for much easier control when deciding on your brew.

Extras – The K475 comes with plenty of nice little extras that you can take advantage of right away.

Taste – While there is the odd complaint about taste, it seems that the general consensus is that the K475 makes a great cup of Joe.

K475 Cons

Cleaning – The fact that the K475 is not a self cleaning coffee machine means it can be quite difficult to clean at times.

Durability – Some have found that the K475 seems to lose some power after a while, meaning an upgrade might be required sooner than expected.

Noise – It has actually been difficult to find many issues with the K475 but it seems that it might be a bit too noisy for some people.


While the K575 does have some fancy new features, like the customizable wallpaper and the night light, as well as a slightly bigger water reservoir, it really is missing a trick by not offering the extras. As well as that, the fact that there have been complaints about it being dangerous and the price you have to means it is not worth the money.

Meanwhile, the K475, while there are some slight durability issues with it and it can be noisy and difficult to clean, it still makes a much better tasting brew and, as well as being better in so many departments, it just looks that bit better. Oh and the fact that it comes with extras and is still cheaper helps.