K15 Review

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Coffee: The Global Phenomenon

When I wake up in the morning, one of the most important things in my daily routine is getting that first cup of coffee in me, knowing that there will be plenty more to come throughout the day.

And it seems that I am not alone, since there are around 1.4 billion cups of coffee poured every single day, all over the world, showing just how popular coffee has become.

But, when it comes to finding that perfect cup of coffee, from the perfect coffee machine, who are you going to go to?

Keurig: The Leading Name in Coffee Machines

Those of you who are big time coffee drinkers will already know the name Keurig, since that are arguably the biggest and best name on the coffee machine scene, with a wide range of different coffee makers to their name.

One of the most recent and exciting coffee machines to come to us from Keurig is the K15, which has already been earning rave reviews and it is easy to see why.

Here I will give you a run down of what to expect from the K15 and whether it is the right coffee machine for you.

Size: Nice and Compact

First up is the machine itself, which is one of the smallest and most compact coffee machines to ever hit the market, with some suggesting that there is only one other coffee machine in the world which is actually smaller.

So, if you have been searching for a new coffee machine for your kitchen but have struggled to find the space for one, then maybe the Keurig K15 is the perfect machine for you.

Usage: Easiest Coffee Machine Around

As well as being nice and compact, the Keurig K15 is also very simple to use, taking away any of the confusion that so many coffee makers seem to have these days.

When it comes to the Keurig K15, there is only 1 button to press.

You simply plug it in, turn it on, add your water, choose your desired K-Cup and then press the “Brew” button.

After around 2 minutes, you coffee is good to go. It really could not be any simpler than that.

When it comes to choosing the cup size, there are three different options, with the Keurig K15 allowing you to either use a 6oz, 8oz, or 10oz cup in connection with you K-Cup Pods.

If you are after anything bigger, then you can always remove the drip tray to fit a larger cup in.

But it will be a bit of a squeeze if you want a big mug of coffee or if you are after a travel mug of coffee, due to the compactness of the machine.

Auto Off: The Machine Turns Itself Off

Another great feature of the Keurig K15 is the fact that the machine actually turns itself off, just in case you forget to do it yourself, so you don’t have to panic if you realise that you left it on.

The Keurig K15 stays on for around 9 minutes before it does shut itself down, just in case you had left it on to make another coffee.

After all, the machine is small and can only make one coffee at a time before you need to refill the water tank.

Taste: Lacking in Real Flavour

So, by now you must surely be wondering about the taste of the coffee, right?

Well Keurig have always been known for making a decent cup of coffee and the K15 is no different.

Unfortunately though, decent is still quite a way from great.

If you are just after an easy, middle of the road cup of coffee, then the Keurig K15 is ideal but don’t go expect anything great from it, as it really is just about average.

With that said though, for the size of the machine you really can’t complain.

Technical Faults: Some Machines Were Recalled

While the Keurig K15 that I have been using (I bought it a few months back now) has never really had any issues, there are some who have complained that they started to experience some technical faults with their machine after a while.

There was a recall on a number of the early Keurig K15 releases but it seems that they got those issues fixed and all is as it should be.

So those still experiencing technical issues have probably still got one of the early machines.

As I said, I have not experienced any issues myself and I have no complaints about how it works.

So let’s break it down and give you a list of the Pros and Cons of the Keurig K15.


Teeny Tiny – Gone are the days when the coffee machine took up a huge amount of the kitchen counter and the Keurig K15 is proof of that. The compactness makes it perfect for any kitchen, no matter how small.

Easy Peasy – I am willing to say that there is not a coffee machine in the world which is as easy to use as the Keurig K15. It is impossible to get confused about anything, as it is all so easy with just 1 button to press.

Value – There are a lot of coffee machines around today which are competing at the low end of the market but there are none which come as close to the value for money you will get from the Keurig K15. It really is money well spent.

Drip Tray – The removable drip tray does not only make it easy to keep your Keurig K15 coffee machine clean but it also helps when you are looking to get a taller cup of coffee in there, for a bigger brew.


Water Refill – The fact that the Keurig K15 is one of the smallest coffee machines to ever be released means that the water tank also needs to be small. With the ability to only make 1 coffee at a time, it can sometimes feel like you are forever refilling the water tank.

Tick Tock – Some people might feel that 2 minutes to brew a coffee is perfectly fine but when I am in a rush I simply don’t have the time to wait for it. I like my coffee quick, so the waiting around can drive me a little loopy at times.

Flavour – As I mentioned, for the size of the machine it does still make an OK cup of coffee but if you are someone who likes a coffee packed full of flavour, then this is definitely not the machine for you, as it is simply average.

Size – Yes, I know I said that the size is a Pro of the Keurig K15 but it is also one of the cons too. While it is great that it can squeeze into the tiniest of kitchens, it is also a bit of a pain that you cannot get a big mug of coffee from it.


If you fancy yourself as a bit of a coffee connoisseur then the Keurig K15 is definitely not for you.

The lack of flavour and average taste that it delivers will leave the big time coffee lovers out there a little disappointed.

Also, if you are living in a house with a lot of people who all love a morning coffee together, then again this is not for you.

The 2 minutes it takes to brew 1 cup of coffee means that the first cup will be cold before the last cup is made.

So who is the Keurig K15 ideal for?

Well, if you have a small kitchen or you are worried whether you have the space for a coffee machine, then the Keurig K15 is perfect for you, taking up little space at all.

If you live alone or only have 1 other person living with you, then the Keurig K15 could also be just what you need.

If you have a mobile home or a caravan and love to take short breaks away, then this is really perfect for you.

And finally, the Keurig K15 would be perfect for any office space, taking up almost no room and allowing for little coffee room chats while you wait for it to brew.

If I had to give it an official 5 Star rating, then I would have to say 3 Stars. It is not perfect but it is good at what it was designed for.