Gourmesso Review

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Are you madly in love your Nespresso machine but falling rapidly out of love at the cost of official Nespresso capsules?

Well, if you are the owner of an OriginalLine Nespresso machine, the good news is that there are plenty of alternatives out there.

And in this post I want to focus on one of the companies that are making high quality Nespresso compatible pods at a fraction of the price.

The company is named Gourmesso and they have made it their mission to provide fantastic coffee at a decent price.

And by decent, I mean discounts of up to 35%.

Do they achieve their mission?

Is the coffee fantastic or shambolic?

Let’s find out.

Gourmesso Explored

Gourmesso is based in Berlin, Germany.

As a company, all they make are coffee capsules for two of the biggest selling capsule coffee makers in the world- Keurig K Cup and Nespresso.

Well, I have told a bit of a lie there.

Recently, Gourmesso have branched out and made a range of tea capsules and a range of travel mugs!

But- you get my drift. 

Other features that set them apart from the official Nespresso capsules are;

  • over 25 different varieties
  • fair trade options
  • organic coffees

Discovering the Coffee

What about the coffee itself? Where does it come from?

Gourmesso get their coffee from all over the world: Ethiopia, Columbia, Brazil, India and many more.

They use both Arabica and Robusta beans for their blends.

Arabica tends to be of higher quality and less bitter in taste.

But Robusta beans are cheaper and contain more caffeine.

Tending to Arabica plants take a lot more work and time. That’s why it’s more expensive.

Robusta plants are hardier and take a lot less care.

Gourmesso offer a great selection of coffee capsules: espresso, lungo, flavoured blends, and decaf. The choice is astounding. 

What We Like About Gourmesso Capsules

The price of the capsules compared to Nespresso is excellent.

It’s the perfect affordable alternative.

You could save hundreds of dollars a year!

Every single blend is nearly a third cheaper than Nespresso.

Gourmesso capsules cost an average of $0.48 per capsule.

Nespresso costs about $0.73 per capsule!

So, you’re saving a 25 cents per cup.

If you have just two cups a day, that’s $3.50 a week, $15 a month, $91.25 a year.

It adds up fast.

Especially if you drink more than two cups a day.

The variety of flavours Gourmesso offer is amazing.

They sell so many different flavours you’re sure to find one that’s right for you.

The company make a big selling point of the variety of coffees they sell.

They have eleven flavoured coffees.

Nespresso sell just three!

The fair-trade selection will be a big selling point to many people.

When you know it’s been ethically-sourced, that morning cappuccino tastes ten times better.

What We Didn’t Like About Gourmesso

The capsules aren’t the best quality.

The Nespresso capsules are made from aluminium, the Gourmesso pods are made of plastic.

It makes them feel cheaper.

When you set the machine going, sometimes the capsules aren’t pierced properly.

They jam up, causing blockages.

It only happens occasionally, but it could be irritating enough to put off some.

The coffee doesn’t quite have the depth of flavour of true Nespresso pods. Some of the unflavoured coffees taste thin.

They don’t have the full-bodied smoothness of Nespresso.

Sometimes the espresso comes out a little weak, the lungo a little bitter.

They don’t have the lovely foam crema of the Nespresso pods.


The flavoured coffees are excellent.

And, if you try out enough of the blends, you’re sure to find something you like.

For the price, Gourmesso capsules are an incredible deal.

You might not get the premium Nespresso coffee, but you get great choice of quality blends.

The fair-trade angle helps too.

Lastly, it’s a third of the cost. Why not give a try?

Gourmesso Flavor Bundle

The ideal choice for the coffee lover with a sweet tooth…



Do you like to experiment?

The Gourmesso flavor bundle might be the product for you.

It comes with 50 pods, 10 of each flavor: Caramel, Vanilla, Hazelnut, Chocolate and Coconut.

A different coffee for each day of the week.

All the pods are espresso, so it’s great for that double shot before work to the get the brain going.

The flavors are fantastic and each taste is distinct.

You’ll find a suitable pod for everyone in the family.

When your coffee pops out the machine, the aroma lures you in.

Try mixing a chocolate and caramel together for a real treat!

We recommend adding a splash of milk or a dash of sugar to bring out the flavors.

If taste is your thing, then give this pack a try.

Espresso Forte Bundle

The ideal choice for the Espresso addict who likes a strong kick



Do you love rich flavors?

Do you crave intense coffees?

The Gourmesso Espresso Forte Bundle provides espresso blends designed to invigorate the senses.

The bundle contains eighty capsules, with four different blends.

There are 20 capsules of each blend. 

The Ristretto blend has a delightful spicy twang of Latin American beans.

The Etiopia blend has a citrusy essence from its Ethiopian Arabica.

The Tarrazu blend is grown in rich volcanic soil and gives off a fruity aroma.

The Messico blend uses rich Arabica beans from Mexico and India.

Whichever coffee takes your fancy, why not give it a try.

Time to experiment. Time to enrich your palette!

Trial Bundle

The ideal choice for a Gourmesso Newbie



Do you have a Nespresso machine at work?

Does your family survive on their morning cup of Joe?

Then you The Gourmesso Trial Bundle is the perfect match for you.

It contains 150 capsules.

They say variety is the spice of life.

From the smooth Brasile Blend Dolce at intensity 3, to the irresistible Soffio Cioccolato at intensity 5, all the way to the rich Ristretto Blend Forte at 10!

It’s a real smorgasbord of the Gourmesso’s finest coffees.

So, whether you’re a family looking to try something new, a boss trying to impress their employees, or a coffee addict with a love for variety, this pack is for you.

Nite Edition Bundle

The ideal choice for the night owl with a taste for something stronger



Staying up all night to finish that report?

Burning the midnight oil on conference calls?

The Gourmesso Nite Edition Bundle could be the caffeine fix for you.

The pack contains three of Gourmesso’s most intense coffees:

  • Late night Lemur,
  • Midnight Monkey and
  • Night Owl!

They are intense.

Late Night Lemur is intensity 12 and has a rich balanced taste with notes of citrus.

Midnight Monkey is intensity 11 and is rich with a fruity finish.

Night Owl is bold and fills the senses with a chocolatey aroma.

These blends bring out the richest crema and most pleasant aromas.

Next time you need to stay up late, why not give it a try.

Ristretto Bundle

The ideal choice for an espresso lover who is looking for something stronger



Do you love Latin American beans?

Are you a fan of richly-flavored dark roasts? Then Gourmesso’s Ristretto might be the perfect coffee for you.

Every sip overwhelms the senses with its unbeatable spiced aroma.

The taste is bold and impactful.

It’s full-bodied and smooth and works with or without a splash of milk.

For those who like deeper, layered flavors, they might prefer the Messico blend.

It comes in packs of 10, 30 and 50.

So, you can buy as many or as few as you like.

f you want a coffee that makes you stand up and wake up…

…this is the one for you.

Lungo Bundle

An ideal choice for a coffee lover who prefers to take their time



Prefer a Lungo or Americano?

Do you like to spend hours sipping at your coffee?

Do you love to drink in the aroma and experience the coffee for more than a few minutes?

Then Gourmesso’s lungo bundle might be what you’re looking for.

The pack contains two blends: Lungo Arabica Forte and Lungo Latino Mezzo.

The first is rich and intense.

The second is smooth, subtle and fruity.

Some find the lungos a little on the weak side.

But, if you like a mug of black or white coffee straight out of the machine, this is your pack!