Coffee Makers Without Carafe

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A phenomenon in hybrid coffee-makers is here!

Internally brewed, heated and stored, large quantity single-serve coffee-makers (also known as brew-stations) combine the convenience of pod-style single-serve machines with the quality of freshly brewed drip or pour over coffee.

Store up to 12 cups inside your machine for hours on end without the need for a carafe or hot-plate and enjoy any size of coffee, whenever you want!

Who can use a brew-station?

With no cleanup and no chance of coffee-spillage, brew-stations are perfect for shared spaces such as offices, workplaces or environments in which cleaning, rinsing or possibly breaking carafe is out of the question.

And with no plastic pods, brew-stations are a much eco-friendlier option than wasteful pod-style machines… plus, you get to drink delicious drip coffee as well! Just fill up your mug / cup and your off to the races. It’s that simple!

Where brew-stations thrive

If you own a business, have employees or drink coffee in a shared area… or just can’t be bothered to wash out a carafe regularly, then don’t!

Ditch the pods, ditch the carafes and the hot-plates and make the switch to a brew-station instead!

Hamilton Beach (48464) Coffee Maker (With 12 Cup Capacity)


If you are new to the idea of brew-stations and want something functional with a sleek aesthetic to match on top of the convenient features a brew-station offers, the Hamilton Beach 12-Cup BrewStation is a great choice at an even better price.

Brew and store up to 12 cups of freshly brewed drip coffee in its large, internally heated reservoir and enjoy a single-cup of coffee or re-fill your travel-mug whenever you want!

Internal heating is gentle on your coffee and never burns or over extracts it like hot-plates can.

The Hamilton Beach (48464 model) is extremely popular and is revered by happy consumers for its convenience, lack of potential cleanup from spillage and extra tall body; making it perfect for travel-mugs.

There’s no need to adjust the drip-tray to fit in a tall cup or travel-mug.

Its black with silver accented exterior, lets it blend into any professional workplace or business seamlessly.

If you have a large household, drink coffee in a shared space or would like freshly brewed and well-maintained coffee at the push of a button, you’ll love this machine.

The one-handed, pressure sensor lets you fill and re-fill your cup instantly.

Feedback from consumers has been largely positive considering the large volume of units sold.

Its one major critique is its seeming inability to keep coffee as hot as some would like (and as stainless-steel carafe might).

This is just something that you may need to sacrifice in exchange for the convenience of drip coffee, available in a single serving and ready immediately.

The Hamilton Beach (48464) BrewStation is a great way to break into the brew-station world without breaking the bank in the process.

Cuisinart DCC-3000 Coffee-on-Demand 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker


This compact and programmable brew-station is all about convenience.

Pour one cup of coffee at a time with an easy-to-use actuator and keep an eye on your water level with viewing of its removable, double insulated water reservoir through a transparent window.

Keep track of your brew-stations coffee level with a handy fill gauge.

The Cuisinart DCC-3000 is small and has a modern look to it.

It is an improvement on an older model (DCC-2000) and offers a more compact, clean design with smoother edges, making it great for workplaces and businesses.

And if you want to use a tall cup or personal travel-mug, you can.

Just remove the drip tray and fill your travel-mug. It is a perfect mid-range coffee-maker for those who you love the convenience of a single-serve machine but like to brew in bulk.

It holds up to 12 cups of coffee at a time and water is ran through a charcoal filter prior to brewing to ensure the purest water possible.

If any, criticism has been directed towards the sometimes-leaky push bar actuator, although the machine remains widely popular.

Coffee snobs or those expecting perfectly bloomed coffee may turn up their nose at this machine, but for a mid-range, sleek, stylish coffee-maker that holds an entire pots worth of drip coffee that is ready at the press of a bar, this little device is a great choice!

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Cuisinart DCC-2000 Coffee-on-Demand

This is the older and possibly antiquated sibling to the Cuisinart DCC-3000.

Offering Coffee-on-Demand with a convenient actuator press-bar and displaying your coffees quantity using a fill gauge, you can brew up to 12 cups of drip coffee at a time, which is easily enjoyable one cup at a time.

With a blockier, more plain design than that of the newer version, the DCC-2000 does not offer the same sleek look.

That being said, it still remains a good mid-range machine backed with a 3-year warranty!

Self-cleaning, removable double-walled water reservoir, and small batch setting (1-4 cups) are all programmable features and come alongside that of standard brew-station qualities such as internal storage, heating and ‘carafe-less’ design.

Like any brew-station type coffee-maker, it is ideal for you if you dislike the idea of possibly spilling coffee when pouring it from a carafe into your mug or don’t like using hot-plates to maintain your coffees heat.

If you like the look, and can still get your hands on one of these machines, then great!… but there have been some improvements made to the newer, DCC-3000, model.

The DCC-3000 has considered and improved mechanical issues, problems with the fill gauge meter as well as done its best to seal off any leaky actuator bar issues.

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Hamilton Beach (Model 48465) 

Clean. Simple. Easy. These are all words that come to mind when thinking of the Hamilton Beach BrewStation coffee-maker series.

They are a travel-mug owner’s dream and this model is no exception.

The Hamilton Beach (48465) BrewStation stores and dispenses freshly brewed drip coffee directly into your travel-mug or tall cup without the need to be adjusted for height.

It is built tall enough for travel-mugs and makes grabbing a single-cup, or mug, easy with the one handed, pressure activated dispenser.

It dispenses coffee straight into your mug without the need for a carafe or hot-plate and is heated internally within the machine.

This means no hot-plate and no burnt coffee taste!

You can use the transparent window on the removable water reservoir to keep track of your water level.

It brews up to 12 cups of coffee and keeps it hot for up to 4 hours.

Perfect for shared spaces with varying mug sizes, this is a busy-body or work headquarters type of machine.

With the ability to grab a cup coffee quickly or make a pit-stop to fill up your travel-mug it acts as a real coffee station….

A brew-station if you will!

It’s brushed-steel exterior with black accents makes it attractive enough for any setting and is priced low enough to give the BrewStation a try, even if you aren’t sure.

Critiques from consumers include its low overall coffee heat as well as issues with the pressure activated dispenser dripping.

This is bound to happen and is largely as a result of human error. (One note is to fill your travel-mug or cup on an angle to protect your hand from any excess coffee-drip).

Plus, even if you do experience a little extra drip, that’s what the drip tray is for!

As for the heat, that is something you may just have to sacrifice when investing in a brew-station at such an affordable price.

But, if what you’re after, is to set up a station full of fresh tasting drip coffee that is easily accessible with for any sized mug for your workplace or shared space, you may have found it in the Hamilton Beach (48465) BrewStation.

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Hamilton Beach (Model 48463)

If you are someone that walks around town carrying a travel-mug, frequently walking into coffee shops and asking the barista to fill up your personal mug, then save some time and money by switching over to a brew-station! The Hamilton Beach BrewStation series has proven to be very convenient with its one-handed dispensing capabilities and tall frame. There are many machines in the series and they all have an easy-to-use design, sleek look and are perfect coffee machines for anyone that uses a travel-mug.

This model, the Hamilton Beach (48463) is a great start, at an even greater price-point. It can brew, store and heat up to 12-cups of drip coffee at a time. Enjoy great coffee consistently and conveniently without the use of a hot-plate or the possibility of spilling while pouring from a metal or glass carafe. It has a transparent water fill line to let you know how much water in is the machine as well.

Of the 3 Hamilton Beach BrewStation models reviewed here, this one is the least popular but ranks the highest. This is likely due to its lower price, will all the same features of the other 2 BrewStation machines. Critiques remain the same as well across all 3 machines; coffee not hot enough and drippy dispenser. These small critiques are to be expected, but the Hamilton Beach (48463) BrewStation is a great choice if you don’t mind a slightly less appealing aesthetic and enjoy paying a little bit less for essentially the same machine.

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