Hottest Temperature Single Serve Coffee Maker

There’s almost nothing worse than anticipating a hot, aromatic, full-bodied cup of your favourite coffee and instead being confronted with a lukewarm, watery, cup of bean juice.

Sound familiar?

If so then you need to listen up, because I am about to reveal the single most important aspect of coffee brewing that your current coffeemaker is most likely missing…

The perfect temperature… Is there such a thing?

When it comes to coffee, temperature is more important than you might think.

For one, you obviously don’t want to burn your tongue – there’s nothing worse – but the real reason why temperature is so important is for the extraction of your coffee grounds.

Too hot and you will burn your coffee; the result being quite literally a burnt, bitter taste.

Too cool and the coffee will not extract properly from the grounds and it will taste watery and weak.

The sweet spot for brewing properly extracted, full bodied and rich tasting coffee is in between 195 – 205 °F

Water boils at 212 °F. 

This means if you are someone that waits for your water to boil, and then pours it directly onto your coffee grounds, you are most likely burning your coffee on a daily basis.

It might be subtle, you might not notice the taste, but it also might be the reason why you are assaulting your daily coffee with a plethora of milk and sugar. (food for thought).

**I always cringe when I see people doing this, so please for the love of coffee! – let your water cool before starting your brewing process.

So, what’s hot in coffee makers right now?

If you’ve been paying attention to the coffee industry in recent years, then you’ve noticed an influx of single serve coffeemakers.

Promising to deliver a fresh single cup of coffee every time- it has ousted the old fashion coffee maker with a carafe of drip brew (being kept warm on a hot plate for hours) as the nation’s favorite.

Most single brewers use pods (small and sealed plastic containers of “freshly” ground coffee) to make a cup of coffee, although others just use scoops of ground coffee.

Their greatest strength is convenience as they are so easy and quick to use.

But there are some disadvantages to these coffee makers.

As far as we are concerned the biggest drawback is that many single serve coffee makers do not brew coffee at the correct temperature.

As we said at the start of this post, the best brewing temperature for coffee is between 195 – 205 °F.

Unfortunately, many models are brewing coffee at around 192 °F.

Common Mistakes To Avoid

If you’ve ever tasted coffee that’s been sitting on a hot-plate or has been reheated you will agree that keeping your coffee hot is a much better option that re-heating it.

Re-heating, is definitely never your best option but definitely make sure avoid these two common re-heating mistakes:

  1. Don’t use a hot plate: Built into the conventional large-pot coffee makers, hot plates over extract your coffee by heating it from the bottom. This makes your coffee taste bitter and leave you with a dry mouth.
  2. Do not microwave your coffee: Besides the fact that you will most likely burn your hand sooner or later microwaves radiation-style heating is also uneven. It will overheat the top of your coffee and leave the bottom cold – again the bitter taste, with a hint of burnt coffee as well. Not appealing.

7 Ways to Keep Your Coffee Hot

Because a heating element is not something you get with a single cup coffeemaker, instead get creative when maintaining your coffees temperature and use one of these seven useful techniques that you probably haven’t heard of…

  1. A cup sleeve: Also known as a ‘mug cozy’– is a cute little piece of fabric that covers your cup, acting as an insulator. This is a great and inexpensive way to not only keep your coffee hot, but keeps your hand from getting burnt as well – especially if you are reading this and like your coffee as hot as possible.  There are a variety of these to choose from all over the web with fun and personalized styles. **A makeshift mug cozy can be made by wrapping a sweater, scarf or a thick piece of fabric around your cup.
  2. Immersion heater: Although your coffee will take on the appearance of a science project, an immersion heater is a tool in which you immerse in your coffee and it heats it from the inside. This works different to a hot plate because the heat is evenly distributed within the coffee.
  3. Travel mug: Or Thermos or tumbler – all have the same concept; insulation. This is the most common tool for heat maintenance and can be made from stainless steel, plastic or silicone. **Even though it is the simplest method, using a good, insulated travel mug can keep your coffee piping hot for up to 6 hours depending on the manufacturer, making it the best option for those with indelible hot coffee needs.
  4. Electric travel mug: Much like the-famed heated blanket, the electric travel mug specializes in redundancy. Why only keep your coffee warm when you can keep it warm and heat it at the same time? Who knows exactly why, but it’s obvious that this method works quite well can be purchased with car adaptable or USB plugins making them somewhat portable and fully excessive. But hey, if you’re reading this you like your coffee hot as can be, right?
  5. Take-out Cup Car warmer: This is more a useful and innovative alternative to the electric travel mug. Great for if you are picking up a paper cup of coffee from the drive-thru or local coffee shop. It plugs into your car charger or USB port and electronically insulated your cup so you can enjoy your stop-and-go commute to work with some hot coffee. The perfect pairing!
  6. Preheated cup: Although microwaves are not to be used for heating / re-heating coffee, they can still be handy in keeping your coffee warmer for longer. Microwave your coffee mug for 30 seconds – 1 minute. This saves some of the heat coffee loses naturally when you pour in into a cold mug.  Be careful though – hot!
  7. Magic Metal Beans: I remember seeing a version of these on the popular television show ‘Dragon’s Den’ called ‘Coffee Joulies’. What they are, are pieces of metal (around the size of a teaspoon) that absorb and reintroduce heat into your coffee, sustaining the temperature for longer. You put them in your coffee, they absorb the heat from the coffee and feed in back into the drink over time. This maintains a steady temperature for up to 5 hours.

Piping hot coffee is great. It’s the way it was meant to be consumed. And with the cold weather closing in, it’s essential to have a plan in place to be able to enjoy that steaming hot, aromatic brew wherever you are.

It warms my heart to say that you are now armed with all the information necessary to complete your mission of finding and confidently purchasing the hottest single cup coffeemaker!

And now, let’s have a look at the top choices. 

Cuisinart CHW-12 Coffee Plus 



This machine is great because it has so many useful features.

It’s so versatile!

Not only can you just use hot-water -which is helpful because now and again you may want to take a coffee break and drink tea instead.

But it has two separate water systems. One large, that brews up to 12 cups and one smaller, single-cup area.

You can literally brew two different drinks at the same time. It’s a feature I never thought of but is actually so handy.

The large-pot area also has heating settings (low-med-high) so you can keep your coffee at a reasonable temperature and not ruin the taste.

Cuisinart SS-10 Premium Single-Serve Coffeemaker, Silver



This is a true single serve machine.

Small, brews quickly (less than a minute) and uses pods. It has a few cool features like hot-water, brew temperature and a rinse feature; which is much easier than running a whole cup of water to rinse out the machine.

It uses the same size cups at the Keurig so any k-cup will fit in it.

It’s a very handy little machine, but I’ve been reading a lot of reviews saying that the machine can cause coffee splatter, which is something I have experienced myself.

The trick is to use a taller mug, glass or personally I like to use a travel mug; which is also great for keeping your coffee hot!

Gourmia GCM5100 One Touch Multi Capsule Coffee & Espresso Machine 



As far as a multi-faceted single-serve machine, this one has some very neat features.

Of course, the brew temperature setting is essential for brewing a perfectly hot cup of coffee, but it is not catered only towards coffee.

It uses a pod brewing system and is compatible with both k-cups and Nespresso (for lattes and other espresso drinks). Along the theme of espresso drinks, The ‘Gourmia’ comes with its very own milk-frother, which is a perfect addition to your specialty coffee drinks.

If you’re someone that wants an array of options for their morning coffee, this little machine is perfect for you!

Keurig K155 Office Pro Single Cup Commercial K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker



This single-cup machine from Keurig – taking only Keurig branded k-cups – is catered towards offices or shared spaces.

Its sleek, modern design makes it look very professional and offers an extra-large water reservoir; 18 cups of coffee before you need to refill it.

Its LCD touchscreen offers a timer, language and four, cup size options.

But maybe the most important feature is the adjustable brew temperature.

Not everyone needs piping hot coffee, so the temperature control makes it useful for those who are steeping a cup of tea, making hot cocoa or cooking their morning oats.

You get what you pay for with this machine and it comes from a trusted and reputable company with long-standing experience in the single-cup field.  

Espressione EM-1020 Stainless Steel Espresso Machine



For espresso lovers, this machine is the real deal!

A true at home, professional-grade espresso maker with high powered steam pumps; made in Italy.

A thermos style heating system, ensures consistent temperature and the high-powered steam valve makes sure milk is perfectly frothy and delicious.

Because this is an at home machine, it has the option of using ground coffee or espresso pods.

And keeping in true Italian fashion, the manufacturers have thought of every aspect of the coffee experience with a heating grid on top of the machine that keeps your cups warm.

This allows your espresso to not lose any heat when entering your cup and ensures a delicious, perfectly hot espresso every time!

BLACK+DECKER Single Serve Coffeemaker



This small and compact little machine does exactly what it should; brew a nice, hot cup of coffee.

It’s the perfect machine for active, on-the-go type of people.

Great for dorm rooms, keeping at work or for travel, the ‘Brew and Go’ comes with its very own travel mug that fits in most cars cup holders. P

erfect for keeping your coffee hot during your commute to work and the shut-off feature makes sure the machine is off once your coffee is brewed, so you never have to go back home, forgetting if you’ve turned off your coffee maker or not.

There’s no waste involved because it does not utilize pods or k-cups.

Just fill up the metal coffee filter with your coffee grounds, brew and take off for the day!

Keurig K575 Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker



This pod style single serve coffeemaker is screaming with options.

The removable water reservoir, multiple brew size options, brew timer, temperature control, nightlight, wallpapers and a large touch screen monitor will leave you with a lot to play with.

At the top of the list is the strength control.

Usually with pod style brewers, your strength options are fixed, but in addition to being able to adjust brew strength you have five temperature options as well.  

This diversity of options comes in very handy when you have guests over and pairs nicely with the machine’s capabilities for single serve size options.

You can actually brew 12oz cups, 18oz travel mugs or 30oz carafes with either the appropriate pod or ground coffee! If options are what you like, The Keurig K575 has you covered!

Touch Plus Single Serve Coffee Brewer



The days of having to sacrifice coffee shop quality for a quick, at home cup of coffee are over.

‘The Touch Plus’ offers full-bodied, perfectly extracted coffee that starts brewing in just 20 seconds!

Choose from eight cups sizes and enjoy your coffee, just the way you like it. Perfect extraction is all about temperature and that is defiantly something this machine offers.

Brewing coffee at an optimum temperature of 200 degrees Fahrenheit, give you a rich, full-bodied and perfectly extracted cup of coffee every time!

AICOK Single Cup Coffee Maker, Single Serve Coffee Brewer 



This single cup coffeemaker is a great machine for the price point.

Offering you all the features you need to enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee that brews at a steady 176 degrees Fahrenheit.

Not a piping hot brew temperature, but also not too hot as to burn your tongue!

You can make up to 10oz at a time and enjoy your coffee in 3 minutes.

It supports most sized k-cups and k-cup filters as well.

A great, single cup machine for small space and does the job!

Technivorm Moccamaster 69212 Cup One Single Serve Coffee Brewer



Engineering is the word that comes to mind when I think of this single-cup machine.

Quality over quantity when it comes to features; as is characterized by the one button brew style.

Built in the Netherlands, this is truly an at home barista, that utilizes such technology as copper wiring to bring water up to a perfect temperature much quicker than most conventional single serve machines.

And without any pods or convenience gimmicks, this machine brews a great tasting, full-bodied coffee every time.

Perfectly heated and extracted pour-over coffee is delivered using a shower head water system to fully cover all of the grounds extracting the most flavour possible.

When you purchase this machine it also comes with an insulated thermal mug to keep your perfectly heated and brewed coffee, hot for longer and the entire system comes with a 5-year warranty.

No pods, no hot-plate, no gimmicks… Just great coffee!  

K15 Review

Coffee: The Global Phenomenon

When I wake up in the morning, one of the most important things in my daily routine is getting that first cup of coffee in me, knowing that there will be plenty more to come throughout the day.

And it seems that I am not alone, since there are around 1.4 billion cups of coffee poured every single day, all over the world, showing just how popular coffee has become.

But, when it comes to finding that perfect cup of coffee, from the perfect coffee machine, who are you going to go to?

Keurig: The Leading Name in Coffee Machines

Those of you who are big time coffee drinkers will already know the name Keurig, since that are arguably the biggest and best name on the coffee machine scene, with a wide range of different coffee makers to their name.

One of the most recent and exciting coffee machines to come to us from Keurig is the K15, which has already been earning rave reviews and it is easy to see why.

Here I will give you a run down of what to expect from the K15 and whether it is the right coffee machine for you.

Size: Nice and Compact

First up is the machine itself, which is one of the smallest and most compact coffee machines to ever hit the market, with some suggesting that there is only one other coffee machine in the world which is actually smaller.

So, if you have been searching for a new coffee machine for your kitchen but have struggled to find the space for one, then maybe the Keurig K15 is the perfect machine for you.

Usage: Easiest Coffee Machine Around

As well as being nice and compact, the Keurig K15 is also very simple to use, taking away any of the confusion that so many coffee makers seem to have these days.

When it comes to the Keurig K15, there is only 1 button to press.

You simply plug it in, turn it on, add your water, choose your desired K-Cup and then press the “Brew” button.

After around 2 minutes, you coffee is good to go. It really could not be any simpler than that.

When it comes to choosing the cup size, there are three different options, with the Keurig K15 allowing you to either use a 6oz, 8oz, or 10oz cup in connection with you K-Cup Pods.

If you are after anything bigger, then you can always remove the drip tray to fit a larger cup in.

But it will be a bit of a squeeze if you want a big mug of coffee or if you are after a travel mug of coffee, due to the compactness of the machine.

Auto Off: The Machine Turns Itself Off

Another great feature of the Keurig K15 is the fact that the machine actually turns itself off, just in case you forget to do it yourself, so you don’t have to panic if you realise that you left it on.

The Keurig K15 stays on for around 9 minutes before it does shut itself down, just in case you had left it on to make another coffee.

After all, the machine is small and can only make one coffee at a time before you need to refill the water tank.

Taste: Lacking in Real Flavour

So, by now you must surely be wondering about the taste of the coffee, right?

Well Keurig have always been known for making a decent cup of coffee and the K15 is no different.

Unfortunately though, decent is still quite a way from great.

If you are just after an easy, middle of the road cup of coffee, then the Keurig K15 is ideal but don’t go expect anything great from it, as it really is just about average.

With that said though, for the size of the machine you really can’t complain.

Technical Faults: Some Machines Were Recalled

While the Keurig K15 that I have been using (I bought it a few months back now) has never really had any issues, there are some who have complained that they started to experience some technical faults with their machine after a while.

There was a recall on a number of the early Keurig K15 releases but it seems that they got those issues fixed and all is as it should be.

So those still experiencing technical issues have probably still got one of the early machines.

As I said, I have not experienced any issues myself and I have no complaints about how it works.

So let’s break it down and give you a list of the Pros and Cons of the Keurig K15.


Teeny Tiny – Gone are the days when the coffee machine took up a huge amount of the kitchen counter and the Keurig K15 is proof of that. The compactness makes it perfect for any kitchen, no matter how small.

Easy Peasy – I am willing to say that there is not a coffee machine in the world which is as easy to use as the Keurig K15. It is impossible to get confused about anything, as it is all so easy with just 1 button to press.

Value – There are a lot of coffee machines around today which are competing at the low end of the market but there are none which come as close to the value for money you will get from the Keurig K15. It really is money well spent.

Drip Tray – The removable drip tray does not only make it easy to keep your Keurig K15 coffee machine clean but it also helps when you are looking to get a taller cup of coffee in there, for a bigger brew.


Water Refill – The fact that the Keurig K15 is one of the smallest coffee machines to ever be released means that the water tank also needs to be small. With the ability to only make 1 coffee at a time, it can sometimes feel like you are forever refilling the water tank.

Tick Tock – Some people might feel that 2 minutes to brew a coffee is perfectly fine but when I am in a rush I simply don’t have the time to wait for it. I like my coffee quick, so the waiting around can drive me a little loopy at times.

Flavour – As I mentioned, for the size of the machine it does still make an OK cup of coffee but if you are someone who likes a coffee packed full of flavour, then this is definitely not the machine for you, as it is simply average.

Size – Yes, I know I said that the size is a Pro of the Keurig K15 but it is also one of the cons too. While it is great that it can squeeze into the tiniest of kitchens, it is also a bit of a pain that you cannot get a big mug of coffee from it.


If you fancy yourself as a bit of a coffee connoisseur then the Keurig K15 is definitely not for you.

The lack of flavour and average taste that it delivers will leave the big time coffee lovers out there a little disappointed.

Also, if you are living in a house with a lot of people who all love a morning coffee together, then again this is not for you.

The 2 minutes it takes to brew 1 cup of coffee means that the first cup will be cold before the last cup is made.

So who is the Keurig K15 ideal for?

Well, if you have a small kitchen or you are worried whether you have the space for a coffee machine, then the Keurig K15 is perfect for you, taking up little space at all.

If you live alone or only have 1 other person living with you, then the Keurig K15 could also be just what you need.

If you have a mobile home or a caravan and love to take short breaks away, then this is really perfect for you.

And finally, the Keurig K15 would be perfect for any office space, taking up almost no room and allowing for little coffee room chats while you wait for it to brew.

If I had to give it an official 5 Star rating, then I would have to say 3 Stars. It is not perfect but it is good at what it was designed for.

Best Single Serve Coffee Maker With No Pods

Are you a slave to your single serve coffee maker but sick to the back teeth of pod coffee?

Perhaps, you have tried everything that Nespresso and K Cup have created and to be honest, you just want to try something different?

Or, is it the cost of a new set of capsules which is grinding you down?

Whatever your reasons, you will be pleased to know that there are some top quality alternatives for you to look at.

Single serve coffee makers that make great coffee just using ground coffee.

Without a coffee capsule in sight. 

Before I take you through my top 10, let’s go through a few definitions…

So, what is a single-serve coffee maker?

In short it is any machine that allows you to brew a single serving of coffee (anywhere from a small cup to a travel mug), saving you the waste, time and headache of an entire pot.

And how do they work?

The overwhelming majority of these machines use coffee pods or capsules. These are plastic containers that contain enough ground coffee (or tea or hot chocolate) for a single drink.

The two most famous varieties are Nespresso and K- Cups. 

The capsules are placed in the single serve coffee maker which combines them with hot water to produce a great cup of coffee. 

But as this post will go onto explain in more detail, there are alternative coffee makers out there that use ground coffee and not capsules. 

Why do I need a Single-Serve machine?

This method of brewing coffee is for anyone who does not need an entire pot of coffee and could benefit from the saved time.

Whether that time is used to help ease your busy schedule or to enjoy a little personal time… or if you live alone and just need a friend!

The single-serve method will soon become your best friend.

The main benefits to a single-serve machine over a conventional, pot-style brewers are:

  • Fresh coffee every time: Especially with the pod-less option, you can choose your favourite bean type, adjust the strength and have a fresh cup every time.  
  • Not wasting coffee: Besides the fact that no one wants to drink the sludge at the bottom of the pot, you don’t waste coffee by pouring it down the drain.  
  • Less cleanup: Save time, energy and sanity by avoiding cleaning out a large pot every morning.

The Pros and Cons of Coffee Makers Without Pods

So, why would you use a podless machine instead of a coffee maker that requires K Cups or Nespresso capsules?

The Pros:

Podless coffee makers offer a variety of advantages, including;

  • Compatibility: Any ground coffee can be used in any pod-less machine. You don’t have the compatibility issues related to coffee capsules.
  • Brew Strength: Using ground coffee, you have lots more control over the strength of the coffee you make
  • Greener: Ground coffee is more planet friendly because there is no plastic involved.
  • Cost: Ground coffee is far, far cheaper than using coffee pods. 
  • Fresh: You can use freshly grounded coffee in a podless machine. Do you really know how fresh the coffee is in that K Cup? 

The Cons:

Yes, I can’t lie.

There are some disadvantages to podless coffee makers and here they are. 

Not So Easy: Pods are the easiest way to make coffee, bar none. You don’t have to be a trained barista to brew a great cup. Just pop in the pod and you’re all set!

Lack of Variety:  With pods, you don’t have keep using the same bag of beans you don’t like or are growing bored of.

There are lots of variety packs for you to buy. 

In the next section, I will explain what some of the key features are that you should look out for when hunting for your new single serve coffee maker without pods. 

Buying Guide

Auto Off

Flexible Compatibility

Some of the models in my comparison are able to make coffee using coffee grounds or using coffee pods (such as K- Cups.)

One Button Brewing: Well, the great news here is that all of the models in my comparison have one button brewing. By this, I mean that you only need to turn the machine on (well you need to have filled it with water and loaded it with coffee) in order to start making coffee.

Permanent Filter

Brew timer: This is a great feature that allows you to set a timer for your coffee to be brewed. 

A great option for someone on a strict schedule or who just likes waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

The speed: Very important, you want something that will brew the coffee correctly but efficiently as well.

Size: Depending on how much space you have, this is something important.

Hot water option: This is great if you drink tea or hot chocolate. Having an option to brew only water is very versatile.

Now that we have discussed the best features look out for in your search for your next single serve coffee maker without pods…

What You Don’t Get

Single serve coffee makers with no pods do come with a range of powerful features.

But, there are also some important features that they don’t come with.

These are features that you might find with other more expensive coffee makers but you won’t find on any no pod single serve makers.

Or any that I came across!

Removable Water Reservoir

None of the no pod coffee makers that I review have removable water reservoirs.

Instead, all of them just have an internal chamber that you pour water into.

Removable water reservoirs are easier to fill up than internal chambers and they are easier to keep clean.

But they tend to machines slightly bigger and more expensive. 

Temperature Control:

On some high end single serve machines, you have the option of controlling the temperature that your coffee is brewed at.

After all, we know that a perfect cup of coffee is brewed using water that is between 195 – 202 °F.

None of the machines in my comparison offer this feature, although this model brews the coffee at an “optimal temperature.”

Brew Strength (one exception)

Do you like to vary the strength of your coffee depending on how you feel or on what time of day it is?

Some higher end coffee machines provide you with the ability to control the strength of your coffee at the touch of a button, but not the ones in my comparison.

Apart from this little beauty here.

The good news is that you can still alter the strength of your cup of coffee manually by using more coffee grinds or using less water..

LCD Touch Display

If you like your kitchen gadgets to have built in color touch screens, then in your search for a no pod single serve coffee maker, you will be disappointed. 

None of the machines in my comparison or that I could find anywhere had touch screens. 

Funnily enough, very few of them have more than one button!

They are plain and simple machines which helps to keep their size and cost to a minimum. 


It is one of the most charming features of a coffee machine…

…the ability to programme it so that it turns on automatically and brews you a cup of coffee just as you wake up in the morning, or return home in the evening.

And if that is an essential feature of your no pod coffee maker then I am going to have to disappoint you.

I could not find any models that had this feature. 

…let’s take a look at some of the best products.

Hamilton Beach Single Serve Coffee Maker (The Scoop)


  • Dimensions: 9.8″ D x 7.6″ W x 13.5″ H
  • Compatibility: Grounds | Pods
  • Brew Size: up to 14 oz. 
  • Travel Mug Friendly: Yes
  • Removable Drip Tray: Yes
  • Auto Off: Yes
  • Strength Control: No
  • Temperature Control: No


Although I see mixed reviews, I’ve had my Hamilton Beach Single Serve for 3-months now and I love it!

It’s a perfect machine for a grab-and-go cup of coffee in the morning with no waste.

My favourite feature is the adjustable base – a lot of these single serve machines can’t accommodate the height of a travel mug.

And being pod-less I can use freshly ground beans without wasting half the pot (that no one in my family seems to drink).

It’s a great alternative to K-cups with the versatility to pick your own beans.

I would definitely recommend!

Tempted? Buy It Here

BUNN MCU Single Cup Multi-Use Home Coffee Brewer


  • Dimensions: 9.8″ D x 7.6″ W x 13.5″ H
  • Compatibility: Ground | K Cup | Soft pods
  • Brew Size: 4 oz.  to 14 oz. 
  • Travel Mug Friendly: Yes
  • Removable Drip Tray: Yes
  • Auto Off: No
  • Strength Control: Yes
  • Temperature Control: No


The first feature that caught my eye was the 2-year warranty.

A machine at this pricepoint should have a warranty of this length, so I’m happy ‘Bunn’ stands by their product.

The Bunn MCU is a great alternative to Keurig but with more versatility and less flash.

It is straight to point – and that is making a great cup of coffee.

You add the amount of water you want (4-14 oz) and that is how much coffee is made, so there is no need to worry about overflow.

It also comes with a drawer to use loose coffee grinds or tea – with a built-in metal filter – as an alternative to K-cups.

With only two buttons it doesn’t offer anything fancy, like being able to set a timer or adjust the temperature.

But I love what the Bunn MCU stands for; an easy to use, versatile and most importantly delicious way to brew your single-serve coffee.

Like what you see? Find Out More

Bella BLA14485 One Scoop One Cup Coffee Maker


  • Dimensions: 8.5″ D x 10.31″ H x 5.12″ W
  • Compatibility: Grounds
  • Brew Size: up to 14 oz. 
  • Travel Mug Friendly: Yes
  • Removable Drip Tray: Yes
  • Auto Off: No
  • Strength Control: No
  • Temperature Control: No


I mean, for the price it’s an awesome little machine.

It’s very small, compact and easy to use – just plug it in, add water, grinds and turn on.

I use mine at work, which is perfect because I don’t need K-cups or any filters, plus, I can adjust the strength myself.

I can just add a scoop of grinds to my liking and get my mid-day jolt. I wouldn’t recommend it for an at home, every day coffee maker because it isn’t very big, takes a long-time to brew and there appears to be some issues with leakage over time.

All in-all I’m happy with it, it can be adjusted to fit a taller travel mug and does the job well enough.

Want to know more? Go here

Black & Decker CM618


  • Dimensions: 6.14″ D x 5.47″ W x 9.41″ H
  • Compatibility: Grounds | Pods
  • Brew Size: up to 16 oz. 
  • Travel Mug Friendly: Yes (included)
  • Removable Drip Tray: No
  • Auto Off: Yes
  • Strength Control: No
  • Temperature Control: No


I’ve been trying to find a decent single-serve coffee maker forever!

I personally hate the Keurig style pods.

They never seem to use all the coffee and you have no control over the strength.

After being disappointed with one expensive coffeemaker after another I opted for a lower price point alternative.

I have to say this Black + Decker (CM16) single-serve coffeemaker does the job just fine and comes with literally everything you need to get started (minus the coffee itself).

The features I love the most are:

-Turn-off feature: once the brew is completed (so you don’t have a heart attack wondering if you’ll burn the house down on your way to work)

– It comes with a metal filter and a travel mug that fits the machine perfectly

– Doesn’t take much electricity (plus it turns off when the brew is complete)

– I control the strength of brew and coffee bean type

– Has the option for soft-pod style coffee pods and you can use paper filters if you would like to use them

– The price!

Is this the coffee maker for you? Get it here

Mixpresso Single Cup Coffee Maker


  • Dimensions: 19.8″ H x 11.6″ D x 15.6″ W
  • Compatibility: Grounds | K- Cup
  • Brew Size: up to 10 oz. 
  • Travel Mug Friendly: No
  • Removable Drip Tray: Yes
  • Auto Off: Yes
  • Strength Control: No
  • Temperature Control: No


I recently purchased this machine because of its sleek design, uncomplicated brewing instructions and its overall compactness.

I think some people are missing the point of a single serve coffee machine. To avoid some of the issues I see other reviewers having I would first make sure to run 1 cycle with vinegar and then 1-3 cycles with water to rinse out the machine before your first use.

Like any new coffeemaker you need to clean out any chemically residue.

I did this and the coffee tastes great!

And one more word of wisdom would be to embrace the 10oz single-cup design.

This machine is made in Italy where the culture is to enjoy the taste of the coffee and not guzzle down as much as possible.

If after you have one cup, if you would like another, then make one.

It literally takes 1 minute to brew a cup; which is another feature I like.

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Grind and Brew Single Cup Coffee Makers

Time flies. 

As each year passes, we seem to have less of it.

As we juggle the demands of a busy social and work life it can at times feel as if we are “going under”.

In a desperate attempt to create more time, we turn to machines to help us with everyday tasks.

Single serve coffee makers have been with us for a while but there is now a new kid on the block.

Single serve coffee makers with grinders built in.

We want to brew the freshest coffee, in the quickest time, in a machine that takes up the least amount of space. 

It won’t unfortunately feed your dog it’s breakfast!

Before we delve into the pros and cons of these mini marvels of engineering, I want to look in more detail at single serve brewers.

The Rise of the Single Serve Brewer

Coffee makers have traditional made pots of coffee.

This was because coffee was normally made for several people at the same time or because of a hotplate, a pot of coffee would be used by individuals over the course of a day. 

The rise of the “coffee shop culture” and the demand to have similar quality coffee available in our homes, has meant that coffee tends to be consumed by the cup not the carafe. 

Single serve coffee makers are one of the results in this change.

Why drink coffee that is hours old when you can make a fresh cup every time?

As more of us live on our own, why waste pots of coffee when good quality cups can be made.

And why buy bags of pre ground coffee or bags of coffee beans (which begin to stale as soon as they are open) when we can use individual coffee pods or capsules to make a fresh cup every time?

It is easy to see why single serve coffee makers are such a big hit, isn’t it?

In our next section, I will look at the importance of grinding coffee. 

Why Grind?

Why grind your own coffee?

What’s wrong with pre-ground?

If you’ve never stopped to consider why the coarseness of the grind matters, now’s the time to upgrade.

What’s so special about grinding it just before brewing?

On the one hand, pre-ground beans are easier and much quicker.

But on the other, buying a bag of roasted beans is cheaper per pound.

Best of all, freshly-ground beans taste and smell a thousand times better.

Why? The bean locks all the delicious coffee oils inside the bean. It locks in the flavour and delicate aromas.

It keeps the flavour fresh.

And, if you grind your own beans, you get to choose how coarse the grind is.

Fine grounds are better for espresso and vacuum pots, coarser grounds are better for French presses or Percolators.

Grinding yourself gives you control.

And the taste difference just means there’s no contest.

So grinding is important, but what are some of the pros and cons of machines that grind and brew.

Advantages/ Disadvantages to Grind and Brew

Firstly, the advantages. 


First off, it’s just way more convenient.

You don’t have to grind separately and then load the machine. You simply load up and set the machine going.

With that convenience, so the marketing will have us know, you get awesome coffee.

Much better tasting than if you use pre-ground.

You won’t get that stale uniform taste.

The aroma is to die for.

The grinding process releases the aromas, filling your house and your cup with alluring smells.

The smell is already gone from pre-ground.

Buying a grind and brew coffee maker will also save a bit of electricity compared to having a separate grinder and coffee maker.

And finally, but by no means least, having only one machine saves space.

At a time when many of us are living in smaller homes. 

But before we get carried away, there are a few disadvantages. 


On the downside, these combined machines don’t give you the flexibility of a separate coffee grinder.

You can’t experiment with different grinds.

You can’t use your freshly ground coffee in that nice French Press your mom bought you for your birthday.

If your grind and brew machine breaks, you have effectively lost two machines.

Do you buy a new single serve coffee maker with a grinder built in or buy a single serve brewer and a separate grinder?

Those are the sort of issues that will keep you awake at night!

In all honesty, there a few serious drawbacks that buying a single serve coffee maker with a grinder built in have.

And they are;

  • Choice- there aren’t many models available.
  • Feedback- none of the models have particular high ratings. Each one has a fair bit of criticism.

For this reason, I have reviewed an alternative.

One of the most highly rated single serve brewers and a separate grinder. 

In the next section it is time to look at some of the top features to look out for in your new gadget…

Buyers Guide For Single Serve Coffee Maker With Grinder Built In

#1. brews beans or grounds

An important feature if you’ve not always got access to coffee beans. It gives you the option to grind your own outside. This option is the ultimate flexibility. Especially good if the grinder breaks!

#2. Simple one touch operation

Don’t like messing around with complex options and control panel? Just want to crawl out of bed and press a button that makes you coffee? This is a crucial element for those of us who prefer simple operation and minimalistic design.

#3. Brew up to 16 oz

What happens if you want to brew a little more? If you like to make more than one cup, then consider a machine than brews in larger amounts. You don’t only want to get one measly 10 oz portion!

#4. Includes a travel mug

This is another popular option for many of the built-in grinders. While not necessary it’s great to have a travel cup that just slots into the machine. You can fill it up and be on your way to work. It’s just good value too.

Most machines seem to have a feature that stops the grinding if it’s empty for safety. I couldn’t find much on the whole machine switching off. But most seemed to suggest they would stop working when the coffee was poured.

#5. Auto-off feature

A few machines stop automatically when the grind is finished. A crucial safety feature, so you don’t end up leaving the house with the coffee machine grinding nothing.

#6. Permanent or disposable filter

Another thing to look out for: does the coffee machine give you the option of both permanent and disposable features. Some only allow their inbuilt filters to be used, a hassle for cleaning. Others only allow the use of disposable filters, something else you’ve got to buy. The best machines give you the option of both.

Missing Features

It’s super convenient having all the features in one machine. But what are you missing out on that other flashier coffee-makers have? What do lose?

#1 LCD display

Most coffee machines have awesome LCD displays that give timings and options for changing the temperature and hundreds of other settings. It means you can know your coffee machine is doing the job it’s supposed to.

#2 Removable water reservoir

Another annoyance with many of these grind and brew machines is their lack of a removable water reservoir. Having the removable reservoir is both handy when filling up the machine, but also super useful when cleaning it.

#3 Coffee Strength Selector

Another issue is the lack of options. What happens if you only drink mild coffee? What about if you like yours as intense as a bonfire? A strength selector is one of the most important tools for personalising coffees for different people. If everyone in your family takes their coffee differently, consider this option carefully.

#4. Brew size selector

Only like a small cup? Want a cup as big as a bucket? This option allows you to choose how big your coffee is going to be. It gives choice for different people’s tastes. So, it makes a huge difference if your coffee machine is being shared by family or colleagues.

#5. Auto start

Another interesting feature that the built-in grinder machines don’t have is the ability to set a timer to prepare the coffee. So, when you go to bed, you can set it to make the coffee before you wake up. The reason this feature is probably not included in the self-grinders is the extra step of grind is quite noisy and might wake you in the morning.

Cuisinart DGB 1FR

The ideal choice for the coffee lover on a tight budget. 



Want a professional, freshly-ground coffee?

Only got a few bucks to spend?

The Cuisnart DGB 1FR might be the perfect coffee machine for you. It grinds and brews 16 oz of coffee beans in one go, so you can make one or two cups.

Want to fit in your favourite travel mug? No problem.

The drip tray can be removed to fit in a taller cup.

The coffee grinder sometimes gets wet, making it annoying to clean.

The whole thing is a little complex to clean.

Unlike other products, it doesn’t come with its own coffee filter. You must buy them separately.

It grinds coffee well and all the removable parts are dishwasher safe. If you’re looking for fast, fresh coffee, it’s great value for money.

Mr Coffee Single Cup Coffee Maker With Grinder Built in

The ideal choice for the early bird with a busy schedule.



Looking for that fresh ground taste?

Don’t want to waste time grinding and loading the machine?

The Mr Coffee Single Cup Coffee Maker could work for you. It uses both fresh beans and ground coffee.

Best of all, it comes with a matching stainless-steel travel mug.

The coffee machine grinds and brews the coffee in minutes. It’s so fast and convenient if you need your fix before rushing out in the morning.

The grinder doesn’t always work as well as you’d want. It leaves large chunks of unground beans, making it hard to clean.

Some people have had trouble with it breaking down.

Annoyingly, it doesn’t use disposable filters.

Cleaning the filter is a hassle.

It’s mid-range in price and well worth the money for the perfect morning coffee.

Hamilton Beach Grind and Brew

A professional couple with no time to spare



Want something a bit more powerful?

Want to brew two cups at the same time?

The Hamilton Beach Grind and Brew fits the bill. It’s easy to operate and comes with a free coffee scoop.

The big buttons on the front make it easy to use without consulting a complex manual.

It even cleans itself! It has an automatic rinse, meaning you’ve only got to do the tiniest work to finish it. It allows the use of paper filters if you prefer.

When the coffee’s grinding, it’s extremely noisy. So, if you make a 5am coffee, you might wake up the rest of the family.

Coffee builds up in the mechanism, making it a bit annoying to clean.

Overall, it’s convenient and makes delicious freshly-brewed coffee. Excellent choice if you’re busy.

ZenCT Single Cup Brewer and Grinder

Ideal for the coffee connoisseur with a love of the outdoors



Want portable freshly-ground coffee?

Want a unique an innovative product?

The Zen CT Portable Coffee Maker will wow you.

It’s a coffee grinder and a travel mug in one.

The battery can do about ten grinds before needing recharge.

Take it up mountains, across rivers, through the busy city!

Add the amount of beans you want to taste and set the grinder going.

It takes 5 minutes for the ceramic burr to grind the coffee beans.

Grinding stops if there’s no coffee in the machine.

It makes about 10 coffees before needing recharge.

Overall, one of the coolest and cleverest products out there.

Perfect if you like camping or hiking and need that caffeine kick at the top of a mountain.

The coffee tastes amazing too!

Grinding Your Own Coffee vs Buying Ground Coffee

Why grind your own coffee?

What’s wrong with pre-ground?

If you’ve never stopped to consider why the coarseness of the grind matters, now’s the time to upgrade.

What’s so special about grinding it just before brewing?

On the one side, pre-ground beans are easier and much quicker.

But on the other buying a bag of roasted beans is cheaper per pound.

Best of all, freshly-ground beans taste and smell a thousand times better.

Why? The bean locks all the delicious coffee oils inside the bean. It locks in the flavour and delicate aromas.

It keeps the flavour fresh.

And, if you grind your own beans, you get to choose how coarse the grind is.

Fine grounds are better for espresso and vacuum pots, coarser grounds are better for French presses or Percolators.

Grinding yourself gives you control.

And the taste difference just means there’s no contest.

Alternative Option

Hamilton Beach The Scoop Single-Serve Coffee Maker

Do you need your cup of coffee to be done quick?

Do you want a piping hot cup in your hands in under 2 minutes flat?

Then the Hamilton Beach The Scoop Single Serve Coffee maker might be the one for you.

It doesn’t have a grinder, so only takes grounds.

But it’s one of the quickest and most reliable machines out there. It’s made of durable stainless steel and feels unbreakable.

With its simple, old-school design, it’s also one of the easiest coffee-makers to use.

And, it doesn’t take up much room in your kitchen.

It does have problems if you overfill with ground coffee, but if you’re careful it’s fine.

It brews up to 14 oz straight into a mug or your favorite travel cup.

The coffee comes out scorching hot and brews quickly.

It takes about two minutes to make a cup.

If you want reliable hot coffee, and you already have a grinder, this is exceptional value for money.

Mueller HyperGrind Precision Electric Coffee Grinder

Do you love freshly-ground Arabica?

Are you obsessed with inventing your own blends?

Then the Mueller HyperGrind Precision Electric Coffee Grinder could be just what you need.

It’s a compact, efficient grinder.

It gives you full control of the grinding process. And does it quietly too.

You can grind loads at once. It’s efficient and grinds to a nice fine consistency.

It’s pretty basic and doesn’t have many options.

But it’s simple and it works well.

It is one of the most functional kitchen appliances out there.

It comes with an easy-to-read guide and you’ll be set up in minutes.

It’s only 7 inches tall and doesn’t take up much room on the kitchen counter.

If you’re keen to get into grinding your own beans, this is the perfect piece of kit.