Gourmesso Review

Are you madly in love your Nespresso machine but falling rapidly out of love at the cost of official Nespresso capsules?

Well, if you are the owner of an OriginalLine Nespresso machine, the good news is that there are plenty of alternatives out there.

And in this post I want to focus on one of the companies that are making high quality Nespresso compatible pods at a fraction of the price.

The company is named Gourmesso and they have made it their mission to provide fantastic coffee at a decent price.

And by decent, I mean discounts of up to 35%.

Do they achieve their mission?

Is the coffee fantastic or shambolic?

Let’s find out.

Gourmesso Explored

Gourmesso is based in Berlin, Germany.

As a company, all they make are coffee capsules for two of the biggest selling capsule coffee makers in the world- Keurig K Cup and Nespresso.

Well, I have told a bit of a lie there.

Recently, Gourmesso have branched out and made a range of tea capsules and a range of travel mugs!

But- you get my drift. 

Other features that set them apart from the official Nespresso capsules are;

  • over 25 different varieties
  • fair trade options
  • organic coffees

Discovering the Coffee

What about the coffee itself? Where does it come from?

Gourmesso get their coffee from all over the world: Ethiopia, Columbia, Brazil, India and many more.

They use both Arabica and Robusta beans for their blends.

Arabica tends to be of higher quality and less bitter in taste.

But Robusta beans are cheaper and contain more caffeine.

Tending to Arabica plants take a lot more work and time. That’s why it’s more expensive.

Robusta plants are hardier and take a lot less care.

Gourmesso offer a great selection of coffee capsules: espresso, lungo, flavoured blends, and decaf. The choice is astounding. 

What We Like About Gourmesso Capsules

The price of the capsules compared to Nespresso is excellent.

It’s the perfect affordable alternative.

You could save hundreds of dollars a year!

Every single blend is nearly a third cheaper than Nespresso.

Gourmesso capsules cost an average of $0.48 per capsule.

Nespresso costs about $0.73 per capsule!

So, you’re saving a 25 cents per cup.

If you have just two cups a day, that’s $3.50 a week, $15 a month, $91.25 a year.

It adds up fast.

Especially if you drink more than two cups a day.

The variety of flavours Gourmesso offer is amazing.

They sell so many different flavours you’re sure to find one that’s right for you.

The company make a big selling point of the variety of coffees they sell.

They have eleven flavoured coffees.

Nespresso sell just three!

The fair-trade selection will be a big selling point to many people.

When you know it’s been ethically-sourced, that morning cappuccino tastes ten times better.

What We Didn’t Like About Gourmesso

The capsules aren’t the best quality.

The Nespresso capsules are made from aluminium, the Gourmesso pods are made of plastic.

It makes them feel cheaper.

When you set the machine going, sometimes the capsules aren’t pierced properly.

They jam up, causing blockages.

It only happens occasionally, but it could be irritating enough to put off some.

The coffee doesn’t quite have the depth of flavour of true Nespresso pods. Some of the unflavoured coffees taste thin.

They don’t have the full-bodied smoothness of Nespresso.

Sometimes the espresso comes out a little weak, the lungo a little bitter.

They don’t have the lovely foam crema of the Nespresso pods.


The flavoured coffees are excellent.

And, if you try out enough of the blends, you’re sure to find something you like.

For the price, Gourmesso capsules are an incredible deal.

You might not get the premium Nespresso coffee, but you get great choice of quality blends.

The fair-trade angle helps too.

Lastly, it’s a third of the cost. Why not give a try?

Gourmesso Flavor Bundle

The ideal choice for the coffee lover with a sweet tooth…



Do you like to experiment?

The Gourmesso flavor bundle might be the product for you.

It comes with 50 pods, 10 of each flavor: Caramel, Vanilla, Hazelnut, Chocolate and Coconut.

A different coffee for each day of the week.

All the pods are espresso, so it’s great for that double shot before work to the get the brain going.

The flavors are fantastic and each taste is distinct.

You’ll find a suitable pod for everyone in the family.

When your coffee pops out the machine, the aroma lures you in.

Try mixing a chocolate and caramel together for a real treat!

We recommend adding a splash of milk or a dash of sugar to bring out the flavors.

If taste is your thing, then give this pack a try.

Espresso Forte Bundle

The ideal choice for the Espresso addict who likes a strong kick



Do you love rich flavors?

Do you crave intense coffees?

The Gourmesso Espresso Forte Bundle provides espresso blends designed to invigorate the senses.

The bundle contains eighty capsules, with four different blends.

There are 20 capsules of each blend. 

The Ristretto blend has a delightful spicy twang of Latin American beans.

The Etiopia blend has a citrusy essence from its Ethiopian Arabica.

The Tarrazu blend is grown in rich volcanic soil and gives off a fruity aroma.

The Messico blend uses rich Arabica beans from Mexico and India.

Whichever coffee takes your fancy, why not give it a try.

Time to experiment. Time to enrich your palette!

Trial Bundle

The ideal choice for a Gourmesso Newbie



Do you have a Nespresso machine at work?

Does your family survive on their morning cup of Joe?

Then you The Gourmesso Trial Bundle is the perfect match for you.

It contains 150 capsules.

They say variety is the spice of life.

From the smooth Brasile Blend Dolce at intensity 3, to the irresistible Soffio Cioccolato at intensity 5, all the way to the rich Ristretto Blend Forte at 10!

It’s a real smorgasbord of the Gourmesso’s finest coffees.

So, whether you’re a family looking to try something new, a boss trying to impress their employees, or a coffee addict with a love for variety, this pack is for you.

Nite Edition Bundle

The ideal choice for the night owl with a taste for something stronger



Staying up all night to finish that report?

Burning the midnight oil on conference calls?

The Gourmesso Nite Edition Bundle could be the caffeine fix for you.

The pack contains three of Gourmesso’s most intense coffees:

  • Late night Lemur,
  • Midnight Monkey and
  • Night Owl!

They are intense.

Late Night Lemur is intensity 12 and has a rich balanced taste with notes of citrus.

Midnight Monkey is intensity 11 and is rich with a fruity finish.

Night Owl is bold and fills the senses with a chocolatey aroma.

These blends bring out the richest crema and most pleasant aromas.

Next time you need to stay up late, why not give it a try.

Ristretto Bundle

The ideal choice for an espresso lover who is looking for something stronger



Do you love Latin American beans?

Are you a fan of richly-flavored dark roasts? Then Gourmesso’s Ristretto might be the perfect coffee for you.

Every sip overwhelms the senses with its unbeatable spiced aroma.

The taste is bold and impactful.

It’s full-bodied and smooth and works with or without a splash of milk.

For those who like deeper, layered flavors, they might prefer the Messico blend.

It comes in packs of 10, 30 and 50.

So, you can buy as many or as few as you like.

f you want a coffee that makes you stand up and wake up…

…this is the one for you.

Lungo Bundle

An ideal choice for a coffee lover who prefers to take their time



Prefer a Lungo or Americano?

Do you like to spend hours sipping at your coffee?

Do you love to drink in the aroma and experience the coffee for more than a few minutes?

Then Gourmesso’s lungo bundle might be what you’re looking for.

The pack contains two blends: Lungo Arabica Forte and Lungo Latino Mezzo.

The first is rich and intense.

The second is smooth, subtle and fruity.

Some find the lungos a little on the weak side.

But, if you like a mug of black or white coffee straight out of the machine, this is your pack!

Best Nespresso Capsule for Lattes

For those of you who are shocked at the amount of money that you are spending on your latte addiction…

It might be comforting to know that the grass is not greener on the other side!

A study in 2017 noted that whereas a talle latte in Starbucks costs $2.75 in the US, it costs the equivalent of just over $8 in places such as Vietnam or a massive $12 in Russia.

A more economical way of making coffee shop standard lattes is in your Nespresso machine.

Where the cost of an Nespresso capsule is about 50 cents or a compatible capsule costs a mere 25 cents. 

But of the dozens available, which are the best ones for your latte?

The chart below highlights the my best picks for OriginalLine, VertuoLine and Compatible Nespresso capsules.

I compare many more capsules later on.

But next, I want to provide a quick and simple overview of Nespresso capsules. 

Nespresso Capsules 101

Nespresso make two “lines” of capsules for their coffee machines;

  • OriginalLine
  • VertuoLine

Each of these lines has dozens of different capsules to choose from and so it is easy to become overwhelmed.

To add to the confusion, there is another alternative.

“Compatible With”  Nespresso capsules are made by different companies and they are designed to work with Nespresso OriginalLine machines.

The good news is that each of these three ranges has a great choice of capsules to make the ultimate latte.

The bad news is that each range also contains capsules that would make such a bad latte that it tastes like dirty dish water.

So how do we sort the wheat from the chaff?

The first stage is to get a real understanding of what a latte is.

The Anatomy of a Latte

A latte is milky coffee.

A standard serving size is 240 ml (8 fl. oz) which is made up of a single (30 ml | 1 fl. oz) or double (60 ml | 2 fl. oz) shot of espresso.

So whichever way that you look at it, a latte contains lots of milk.

In order to make a latte with your Nespresso machine that has plenty of flavor, the first type of capsule to look out for is a capsule designed for espressos.

Like this best selling one here.

But there is an even better way to find a capsule that will make a latte that will knock your socks off.

No matter if a capsule is an “OriginalLine”, “VertuoLine” or “Compatible With” variety, each capsule is rated on an intensity scale, which is a measure of its strength.

But since in other ways, the capsules are organised differently, we will look at each line individually.

The Five Best OriginalLine Capsules for Lattes

There are six ranges of coffee capsules for Nespresso OriginalLine machines  and they are;

  • Intenso (as the name suggests, this range contains some of the strongest flavors.)
  • Espresso (designed to create great tasting espressos or espresso based drinks.)
  • Decaffeinato ( a range decaffeinated capsules.)
  • Pure Origin (a selection of single origin beans.)
  • Lungo (designed to work in coffees with more water)
  • Variations (a range of capsules with your favorite flavors, such as vanilla. )

Each range has about six different capsules in.

The ranges are different because of the strength of the coffee, the flavor of the coffee and the geographical location of the beans.

My best five will come from either the Intenso, Espresso or Decaffeinated ranges because these ranges have the strength of flavor that will still taste delicious even after you have lots of milk. 



  • # Capsules: 30 
  • Capsule Name: Ristretto
  • Category: Intenso
  • Intensity: 10
  • Tasting Notes: Subtle fruity and acid, with intense roasted and chocolate flavors. 
  • Interested? Buy Here


Having an intensity of ten on a twelve point scale tells us just how strong the coffee in this capsule is and why it is spot on to be used as the base in a latte.

Full of arabica beans, this blend combines South American and African beans as it blends flavors from Colombia, Brazil and East Africa.

Who Should Buy These?

This then is a perfect coffee for a latte lover likes drinking the same coffee consistently and who likes a very strong flavor with a real taste of chocolate and hints of fruit. 

Intenso Assortment Combo


  • # Capsules: 50 (10 of each)  
  • Included Capsules: Roma | Ristretto | Kazaar | Dharkan | Arpeggio
  • Category: Intenso
  • Intensity: 8-12 
  • Tasting Notes: Varies
  • Interested? Buy Here

Who Should Buy These?

First and foremost as a variety pack that contains different varieties of coffee, this is great for the person who does not want the same tasting variety time after time.

Or perhaps the pack could be bought to be used by a range of people who like different types of lattes. 

Another feature that stands out is that three of the five packs contain coffees with a intensity of flavor which is greater than 10.

The Kazaar capsules have a maximum rating of 12 and the Dharkan have a rating of 11.

And so if you like your lattes to pack a punch, then this just might be the pack for you. 

Indriya Capsules


  • # Capsules: 50 
  • Included Capsules: Indriya
  • Category: Pure Origin
  • Intensity: 10 
  • Tasting Notes: Woody and spicy
  • Interested? Buy Here

Who Should Buy These?

Once again as a pack that only contains one blend of coffee, this is for the coffee drinker who knows what they like and sticks to what they love best.

And, oh what a coffee!

All of the beans are from one region on the south-west coast of India.

This is a monsoon coffee where months strong winds and rain repeatedly swell and dry the beans giving them their unique and special flavor. 

And with a taste intensity of 10, this is a coffee that is begging to be made into a latte. 

Ristretto Decaffeinated

  • # Capsules: 30 
  • Included Capsules: Ristretto
  • Category: Decaffeinated
  • Intensity: 10 
  • Tasting Notes: Subtle fruity and acid, with intense roasted and chocolate flavors
  • Interested? Buy Here

Who Should Buy This?

This is a decaffeinated pack of coffee and so it is ideal for those people who drink decaffeinated coffee.

The strength of flavor and the tastes of fruit and chocolate lend themselves towards latte drinkers who like a coffee that is both strong and creamy.

After all, it is hard to beat the combination of chocolate and cream!

Now that we have looked at my top picks for OriginalLine, it is time to consider VertuoLine. 

The Five Best VertuoLine Capsules for Lattes

The VertuoLine has five separate styles of coffee capsules, which are created for cups of different size.

The capsules are still rated on the same 12 point intensity scale used for OriginalLine capsules. 

The five styles, their recommended capacities and intensities are all listed below. 

  • Alto: up to 414 ml | Intensity 4-7
  • Mug: up to 230 ml | Intensity 2-8
  • Gran Lungo: up to 150 ml | Intensity 4-7
  • Double Espresso: up to 80 ml | Intensity 6-8
  • Espresso: up to 40 ml | Intensity 4-11

And most of my selections are from the Espresso range, because those are the capsules that contain the necessary “oomph”, the intensity of flavor that won’t be lost as you add a large helping of your favorite milk…

But, be warned. 

There are no variety packs here, no chances of hedging your bets.

Find your perfect capsule and fall in love with it time and time again!

Diavolitti Espresso


  • # Capsules: Varies 
  • Included Capsules: Diavolitti
  • Style: Espresso
  • Intensity: 11 
  • Tasting Notes: Oak wood and leather with a creamy texture
  • Interested? Buy Here

Who Should Buy These?

As a single blend pack, this is for people who like to drink the same latte everyday.

An intensity rating of eleven tells us that this is a full bodied coffee with a very powerful flavor.

This is a dark roast mix of Robusta and Arabica beans from Brazil. 

With an aroma of oak wood and leather and with a creamy texture, these capsules are screaming out to be used in a latte. 



  • # Capsules: 10
  • Included Capsules: Stormio
  • Style: Mug
  • Intensity: 8
  • Tasting Notes: Spicy, woody and cereal notes
  • Interested? Buy Here

Who Should Buy These?

This is not a variety pack- it only contains one type of capsule and so if you are a stickler for routine and like the same drink everyday, consider the Stormio. 

But beware!

There is lots going on in this capsule as the dark roasted Arabica beans deliver an incredible range of flavors.

Coming from Nicaragua and Guatemala, the ground coffee in these capsules combine hints of spice, wood and cereal.

And you know what?

Softening the taste and texture with milk will leave your latte with some wonderful roasted flavors. 

Altissio Espresso


  • # Capsules: Varies between 20- 50 
  • Included Capsules: Altissio
  • Category: Espresso
  • Intensity: 9 
  • Tasting Notes: Hint of robusta and smooth cereal notes
  • Interested? Buy Here

Who Should Buy These?

Made of a blend of arabica and robusta beans grown in Costa Rica and parts of South America, this coffee has an intensity rating of nine.

It’s full body flavor has hints of robusta and smooth cereal.

And it is a flavor that is complimented by adding your favorite milk in order to add a creamy texture. 

Decaffeinato Intenso Espresso


  • # Capsules: Varies between 20- 50  
  • Included Capsules: Decaffeinato Intenso
  • Style: Espresso
  • Intensity: 7 
  • Tasting Notes: Cocoa and fruity flavors
  • Interested? Buy Here

Who Should Buy These?

This is the choice for our decaffeinated fans. 

If you like your coffee that is so full of flavor that it doesn’t need the jolt provided by caffeine, you might enjoy the Decaffeinato Intenso. 

And in my selection, this coffee is quite mild as it scores seven on the intensity scale.

Don’t think weak, think subtle. 

It contains a blend of beans from across the globe as Brazilian and Colombian coffees mix with some Asian robusta beans. 

And the result?

A beautifully smooth taste with hints of chocolate and fruity notes.

Adding milk will only make it better. 



  • # Capsules: 30 
  • Included Capsules: Voltesso
  • Style: Espresso
  • Intensity: 4
  • Tasting Notes: Biscuit flavors and sweet aromas
  • Interested? Buy Here

Who Should Buy These?

An intensity of four? Have I lost my mind?!

Hear me out.

The flavors in this coffee will be perfect in a latte- and I have that on the advice of a trusted friend

Hints of biscuits and a sweet aroma created by a blend of South American arabica beans?

Are you steaming the milk already?

Go on, try something different.

A  coffee from “out of left field”…

The Five Best Compatible Nespresso Capsules for Lattes

Lastly, we have the compatible selection.

These are capsules that are made by different companies but are compatible with Nespresso OriginalLine machines- not VertuoLine machines.

The big advantage that these capsules provide over the official Nespresso ranges compared above, is price.

Compatible capsules tend to be much cheaper, sometimes as much as half the price as the branded capsules.

Hold on a minute, I hear you ask…

Doesn’t cheaper mean worse? 

Will I end up with coffee that tastes like (milky) and muddy water, with coffee grounds stuck between my teeth?!

No, the capsules in my selection tend to have much higher ratings and many more of them than official Nespresso capsules.

Let’s jump straight into my first selection. 

Bestpresso Verona


  • # Capsules: 20 | 40 | 120
  • Included Capsules: Verona
  • Intensity: 10 (on a scale from 1- 12)
  • Tasting Notes: Chocolate, full body and creamy
  • Organic | Free Trade: No | No | 50% Rain forest Alliance
  • BPA Free: Not specified
  • Money Back: 60 day satisfaction guarantee

Who Should Buy These?

If you like your lattes strong, then consider these immensely well- liked capsules. 

Scoring ten on the intensity scale these espresso strength capsules will taste of chocolate and have a creamy texture. 

Using a blend of arabica beans, this full bodied coffee is made in Spain.

This blend contains at least 50% Rain Forest Alliance certified beans.

And if you need more reassurance, then BestPresso offer a 60 day money back guarantee.  

Tempted? Buy Some Capsules Here

Gourmesso Espresso Bundle


  • # Capsules: 60  
  • Included Capsules: Etiopa, Honduras, Tarrazu
  • Intensity: 8-10 (on a scale from 1- 10)
  • Tasting Notes: Varies
  • Organic | Free Trade: Part | Part
  • BPA Free: Yes
  • Money Back: 100% satisfaction guarantee

Who Should Buy These?

If you want a little variety in your lattes, this Gourmesso pack offers three different coffees. 

Ranging from eight to ten on a ten point intensity scale, all of the capsules in the pack have a strong enough flavor to make a great tasting latte.

Etiopa is the pod that offers the most intensity with a rating of ten. 

It’s strength comes from a blend of arabica beans from Ethiopia and robusta beans from Vietnam

The powerful flavor derives from the beans being dark roasted but there are subtle and lighter citrus flavors to be enjoyed as well.

The second collection of pods is named Honduras and delivers an intensity of nine. 

These pods are made with organic and fair traded beans and it is fair to say that these are pods that are bursting with flavor. 

And so if ethical standards are important to you, then take note. 

Harvested from small family farms from one small area in Honduras, these capsules are single origin  and made from 100% arabica beans.

The beans are dark roasted to provide a strong lively flavor that includes subtle fruit, caramel, honey and chocolate. 

The third and final pod variety in this bundle, has a tame intensity rating of eight.

Yes, it’s a bit of a disappointment I know!

But the Tarrazu pods contain a very special, single origin coffee.

Tarrazu is a region in Costa Rica famed for its rich, volcanic soil. 

It is the richness and fertility of the soil that gives the beans a spicy and aromatic flavor.

Potent enough to create lattes that are bursting with flavor.

And if this Gourmesso bundle sounds too good to be true, these compatible capsules have been given glowing reviews by hundreds of adoring fans. 

Tempted? Buy Here

Nespresso Compatible Buying Guide

One of the drawbacks of the compatible range is that because there are so many companies making compatible capsules, there is no real consistent “intensity” rating. 

Some of the capsules are rated, others aren’t.

However, there are many advantages over the branded capsules, beyond price. 

Or should I say that there is more information provided by the compatible capsules. 

I have listed a few below;

  • Fair Trade: Many of the these capsules are fair trade, a fact that is not made clear for the official Nespresso capsules
  • Organic: Some of these compatible capsules use organic coffee. As far as I can tell, the branded capsules aren’t organic. 
  • Recyclable Capsules: Many compatible capsules can be recycled
  • BPA Free: Many of the capsules are made from plastics that are free from any harmful ingredients, such as BPA
  • Warranty:  The capsule market is fiercely competitive. Many of the companies offer a money back guarantee.

This extra information allows us as consumers to make better decisions.

After all, although the taste of a coffee is the most important factor in choosing which capsule to buy…

It is not the only one.

Many buyers are concerned by issues relating to free trade or whether a capsule contains harmful substances such as BPA. 

Now, let’s take a look at our next top Nespresso compatible capsule.

 Rosso Cafe Extra Dark


  • # Capsules: 60  
  • Included Capsules: Maestro, Gentleman and Macho
  • Intensity: 9 | 10 | 12
  • Tasting Notes: Varies
  • Organic | Free Tade: No | No
  • BPA Free: Yes
  • Money Back: 60 day satisfaction guarantee

Who Should Buy These?

With this Rosso Cafe selection, you will get three different varieties of pods.

This is perfect for the latte drinker who likes to chop and change a little bit: but not too much.

Buyers are generally very impressed with all of the varieties in this pack.

They can be used to make great lattes.

Although some people, who prefer stronger coffee use two capsules per latte.

The first pack of pods is called Maestro.

Maestro is a blend consisting of 100% arabica beans grown in Tanzania and Costa Rica that have been slow roasted.

The result is a tremendous dark roast that has hazelnut and chocolate aromas and a smooth earthy and woody taste, that will make you savour every sip.

This blend has been created to work best with Lungo (110 ml) and Cappuccino (180 ml) sized servings. 

But with an intensity rating of 9, I think that the Maestro pods offer enough strength of flavor to carry a latte well.

The second pod is named “Gentleman”.

Slightly strangely, with that name, it has a whooping intensity of 10!

This is a globe trotting blend.

Combining arabica beans from central America and South Africa and robusta beans from Brazil this dark roast provides a full bodied coffee with fruity notes and a wonderfully smooth finish.

Constructed specifically for ristrettos or espressos, Gentleman will lay the perfect foundation for your latte.

And the third pod variety, is called Macho.

Sounds a bit different to Gentleman, doesn’t it?

With a top intensity score of twelve, this is an extra dark roast. 

Created for strong coffee lovers, this pack of beans provide a super intense, bitter and bold coffee whether it is drunk as an espresso or latte. 

Go on, challenge yourself.

If you are still unsure whether this variety pack from Rosso Cafe will suit your latte drinking needs, then you have a 60 day satisfaction guarantee. 

Tempted? Buy Here

Gimoka Deciso 100 Pack


  • # Capsules: 100
  • Included Capsules: Deciso
  • Intensity: 10 (on a scale from 1- 10)
  • Tasting Notes: Unsweetened cocoa, dried fruit with a well rounded aftertaste. 
  • Organic | Free Trade: No | No
  • BPA Free: Not specified
  • Money Back: Not specified

Who Should Buy These?

As a pack of 100 capsules, this coffee would suit someone who drinks a lot of coffee. 

And this coffee is produced in the home of coffee, Italy.

It is also very highly rated, with most buyers praising the strength of coffee in these capsules and how easily they work in different Nespresso machines. 

Deciso is Gimoka coffee’s most intense blend, with a rating of 10.

As it is brewing, the coffee will provide lovely scents of cocoa and dried fruit.

When it comes to the taste, you will be treated to a hint of precious wood and a very satisfying after taste. 

Tempted? Buy Here

Cap Mundo Decaffeinated


  • # Capsules: 50
  • Included Capsules: Decaffeinated
  • Intensity: 2 (on a scale from 1-5)
  • Tasting Notes: Honey, dried fruits and chocolate
  • Organic | Fair Trade:  No | Not officially
  • BPA Free: Not specified
  • Money Back: 60 day money back guarantee

Who Should Buy These?

I was desperate to include a decent decaf option but it hasn’t been easy.

Just finding a well reviewed decaffeinated Nespresso compatible capsule has taken an age.

Let alone a capsule that makes a great latte…  

But, I think that I have got you one.

And this coffee is special for a few reasons.

For one thing, it makes a great latte.

Another is that the beans are decaffeinated using a solvent free process, which is highly unusual and much better. 

And then there is the back story of this small French company, which uses traditional methods to ensure its customers get coffee of the highest quality.

Quality that is backed up with a 60 day money back guarantee.

And in my excitement I nearly forgot.

These Cap Mundo pods will make your coffee absolutely divine, combining honey, dried fruits and chocolate.

Like The Sound of It? Buy From Amazon Here

Best Nespresso Capsules for Americano

If I was given a dollar every time I have been asked a question about Americano coffee, I would be sunning myself on a tropical island instead of writing a blog!

And in this post, I want to focus on making an Americano with a Nespresso coffee machine.

That’s right. I am trying to be focused

The chart below shows the best Nespresso capsules for an Americano.

50 Nespresso OriginalLine Capsules variety pack: Intense Family - ''NOT compatible with Vertuoline''
Compatible Capsules for Nespresso OriginalLine Machines - Extra Dark Roast Pack (60 Pods) - By Rosso Caffe
Bestpresso Coffee for Nespresso OriginalLine Machine 120 pods Certified Genuine Espresso Variety Pack, Pods Compatible with Nespresso OriginalLine
Gourmesso Espresso Forte Bundle - 80 Coffee Capsules works with Nespresso Machines 100% Fair Trade High Intensity Espresso Pods Variety Pack
Nespresso (Intense)
Rosso Cafe Extra Dark Roast
BestPresso Espresso Variety
Gourmesso Espresso Forte
OriginalLine | VertuoLine
# Pods
# Varieties
Intensity Range
8- 10
Not Specified
50 Nespresso OriginalLine Capsules variety pack: Intense Family - ''NOT compatible with Vertuoline''
Nespresso (Intense)
OriginalLine | VertuoLine
# Pods
# Varieties
Intensity Range
8- 10
Compatible Capsules for Nespresso OriginalLine Machines - Extra Dark Roast Pack (60 Pods) - By Rosso Caffe
Rosso Cafe Extra Dark Roast
OriginalLine | VertuoLine
# Pods
# Varieties
Intensity Range
Not Specified
Bestpresso Coffee for Nespresso OriginalLine Machine 120 pods Certified Genuine Espresso Variety Pack, Pods Compatible with Nespresso OriginalLine
BestPresso Espresso Variety
OriginalLine | VertuoLine
# Pods
# Varieties
Intensity Range
Gourmesso Espresso Forte Bundle - 80 Coffee Capsules works with Nespresso Machines 100% Fair Trade High Intensity Espresso Pods Variety Pack
Gourmesso Espresso Forte
OriginalLine | VertuoLine
# Pods
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In the first section of my article, I will deal with Americano FAQs.

The fact that coffee fans have so many questions relating to Americanos, shows that this coffee drink is very popular and that there is a lot of confusion about what exactly an Americano is.

In the second section, I will look at the different variety packs, shown in the chart, in much more detail.

And I will finish by ranking these different packs.

Let’s start the FAQs with a bit of a history lesson

History of the Americano

Legend has it that Americanos were first created in World War Two for coffee loving American soldiers who were stationed in Italy.

Italians tend to drink only one type of coffee, espresso, which is very strong because there is so little water in it.

A standard espresso “shot” uses 7 grams of ground coffee and 30 ml of hot water.

So the legend goes, it was too strong for many American soldiers who were used to drip coffee and needed these espressos watered down.

An Americano is literally a watered down espresso.

Americano vs Long Black

But it is not quite as simple as that!

There are other coffee drinks that are watered down expressos, such as Long Blacks!

A true Americano is when a cup is first filled with a shot of sspresso before hot water is added.

A Long Black is the opposite.

A cup is first filled with hot water before a shot of espresso is gently added to it.

Espresso vs Ristretto vs Lungo

To add a little to the confusion and complexities of different coffee drinks, espressos also have variations which sometimes get confused.

A ristretto is a drink that uses the same amount of ground coffee as an espresso but it uses about half the water.

A lungo is a coffee that uses the same amount of ground coffee as an espresso but it uses about double the water.

How to Make the Perfect Americano

It is better to say this at the start rather than to spring it on you, part way in.

There is no step by step guide to making the perfect Americano which will suit everyone.

There are many written guides or “how to” videos focused on making the perfect Americano and guess what?

They all differ.

Many coffee bloggers who are giving advice about making the perfect Americano, are actually making a Long Black.

And with good reason.

If you add your espresso shot to your hot water (as you do with a Long Black) the crema (which is the thin cream colored “film” that floats on the top of your espresso) won’t be destroyed.

Of course, most of this advice is not relevant because with the Nespresso capsules, our machine will be making the espresso for us.

So the biggest problem facing you is choosing the perfect blend of coffee for your espresso shot.

Making an Americano in an Nespresso Machine

Did you know that there is only one Nespresso coffee machine that will make you an Americano from scratch?

And that is the Nespresso Expert.

This is the only machine that at the touch of a button will create an Americano from scratch.

All other Nespresso machines at the touch of a button will create an espresso but from there you will have to add your own hot water.

Yes, I know. It is an absolute disgrace!

Nespresso Machines

Before we can begin to talk about the best Nespresso capsules for Americano, we need to briefly talk about Nespresso machines.

There are two generations of Nespresso machines- Original Line (pre 2014) and Virtual Line (post 2014) and the capsules that you buy need to be compatible with your machine.

If you own or you want to buy a Virtual Line Machine you can only use official Nespresso capsules but if you own or want to buy an Original Line Machine, you have more choice because your machine will work with “Nespresso Compatible” capsules, which are made by third parties.

Nespresso Capsules

Moving on, we can now look at the capsules themselves.

Nespresso make a staggering 24 different types of capsules across different ranges.

Like most coffees, these capsules encompass a broad range of different coffee beans, different strengths, different blends and different flavours.

If you are looking for the best nespresso capsule for an Americano it means that you haven’t yet found the perfect one.

And the only way to do this is to experiment with a bit of trial and error.

And so most of my recommendations below are variety packs which are a great choice for two types of person;

*Someone who is searching for the best Americano
*Someone who likes a bit of variety in their coffee.

So, to start off let’s go with Original Line capsules.

50 Nespresso OriginalLine Capsules variety pack: Intense Family

50 capsules, 5 varieties

  • X10 ristretto
  • X10 Arpeggio
  • X10 Roma
  • X10 Indriya
  • X10 Fortissio Lungo

This pack is an official Nespresso product.

Remember though, it will only work with Original Line Machines.

It contains fifty capsules and five varieties or “blends”.

Most of these blends have a high intensity which is what you will need for an espresso that you will be diluting.

Intensity? Come again?

Importantly, these five blends all appear high up in the Nespresso Intensity Scale.

This scale, which goes between 1 and 12, is a description of the temperature and duration of the roasting process.

The higher the number, the darker the bean and the more bitter its taste.

It doesn’t relate to the quantity of caffeine in the blend.

Here is a list of the blends together with the Intensity rating;

  • Ristretto (10)
  • Arpeggio (9)
  • Roma (8)
  • Indriya (10)
  • Fortissio Lungo (8)

Importantly, four of these varieties are created especially for Espressos or Ristrettos which will guarantee that your Americano will be full of flavor.

The only variety that is not created for an espresso or for a ristretto is the Fortissio Lungo blend.

Who is this pack for?

This pack is for loyal Nespresso users. If you have always used official Nespresso capsules then this very popular product is for you.

The combination of different blends is great for people who like a like a bit of subtle variety with their coffee.

All of these blends will provide a very smooth and rich flavour to your Americano but it will change slightly, according to the variety.

Nespresso capsules, uniquely in this comparison, can be recycled.

These capsules will suit a buyer who cares about the environment and believes that recycling plays an important role in this.

Best Original Line “Compatible With” Alternatives

In this section, I have selected three top quality and very popular sets of “compatible with” capsules for Original Line Nespresso machines.

Extra Dark Roast Pack (60 Capsules) Rosso Cafe

60 capsules, 3 varieties

  • X20 Maestro
  • X20 Gentleman
  • X20 Macho


An advantage of this multi- pack is that it includes two varieties that are made specifically for espresso or ristretto coffee.


A disadvantage of this pack is that one variety is suitable for less concentrated coffees such as Lungos or cappucinos


The Maestro Pods are made from 100% Arabica beans from Tanzania and Costa Rica.

They have been roasted slowly at low temperatures.

This blend is characterised by distinct hazelnut and cocoa aromas.

And it has been created specifically to create perfect Lungos and cappucinos.

The twenty Gentleman capsules are described as extra dark roast.

Created from a combination of beans from Central America and South Africa that provide a wonderful aromatic and fruity flavor.

Who is this pack for?

Once again with three blends, this pack is perfect for someone who likes a bit of variety when making their coffee.

Relatively speaking this pack is cheaper than the official Nespresso pack and so it would suit someone who drinks quite a bit of coffee or someone who likes great coffee on a budget.

Bestpresso Intense Variety Pack

120 capsules/ pods, 3 varieties

  • X40 Ristretto (11)
  • X40 Intenso (12)
  • X40 Lungo (9)

Like the official Nespresso capsules, Bestpresso have created an Intensity scale (ranging from 1 -12) to measure and described the strength of their different blends.

Once again the intensity scale is a description of the temperature and duration of the roasting process.

The higher the number of the scale, the darker and more bitter the “roast” will be.


The advantage of this product is that it is reasonably priced and that the are ristretto and intenso varieties are very intense and suitable for making a great espresso as the first step in creating that superb Americano.


Like the other variety packs in this comparison, the Lungo capsules are perhaps not intense or strong enough to create a great Americano.

Who is this pack for?

This is a large pack in this comparison and so it would suit someone who drinks lots of coffee or a person who wants a great coffee at a great price.

This pack will suit someone who likes to make very strong espressos or even someone who likes the occasional ristretto.

Two of the varieties in this pack come with highly intense flavors which will suit a person who likes their dark roasts and their coffee on the bitter side.

The ristretto offers some chocolate notes for chocolate lovers and the Intenso with its berry flavor will suit “fruit” lovers.

Gourmesso Espresso Forte Bundle

Eighty capsules, four varieties

  • x20 Etiopia Blend Forte (10)
  • x20 Ristretto Blend Forte (10)
  • x20 Messico Blend Forte (9)
  • x20 Tarrazu Forte (8)


Another quality coffee producer that rates their blends on an intensity scale, this time going from 0 to 10. .

The intensity of each blend is shown in parenthesis beside each of the blends.

The Etiopa Blend Forte mixes beans from Arabica beans from Ethiopia and Robusta beans from Vietnam, a combination of flavours that provide a little bit of citrus…

The Ristretto Blend Forte packs quite a punch with its intensity rating of 10.

This blend uses Arabica beans from Latin America and Africa and a small amount of Robusta beans from Asia.

All the beans combine to produce a spicy aroma and a very rich and intense body and flavor.

The Messico Blend Forte is slightly less intense, with a rating of nine on the Intensity scale.

For this blend, Arabica beans from Mexico are mixed with Robusta beans from Asia to produce a very smooth flavour.

The Tarrazu Forte capsules have the lowest intensity of any of the capsules in this pack with a rating of 8 out of 10.

This blend is made with Arabica beans that are grown in one location- the Tarrazú region of Costa Rica.

Described as racy bold and spicy, these capsules provide a taste that is rich smooth and fruity.

Who is This Pack For?

This variety pack has four different blends in it and since most of the packs in this comparison offer only three blends, the Gourmesso bundle offers a little more variety.

With the Tarrazu Forte capsules only including beans from one location in Costa Rica, this pack will interest buyers who like single origin coffees.

With all of the coffee in this pack being certified as Fair Trade, this pack will attract the conscientious buyer who wants to buy ethically.

Best VertuoLine Nespresso Capsules

Vertuoline Nespresso machines are different in three main ways from Original Line Nespresso machines.

Firstly, the Vertuoline range uses barcodes which means that only official Nespresso capsules for Vertuoline will work in the machines.

There is no third party or Nespresso compatible with capsules.

Secondly, whereas Original Line machines use a pump to extract the coffee, Vertuoline machine extract the coffee via a high speed spinning process.

Thirdly, Original Line capsules are cheaper than Vertuoline capsules.

I have got two recommendations for Vertuoline machine owners who are looking to make the best Americano…

Nespresso VertuoLine Coffee (Intenso)

*30 capsules, 1 variety

  • x30 Intenso


In contrast to the packs that I have listed above, this pack of thirty capsules has only one blend in it.

The blend is a split roasted pack of Guatemalan Robusta beans and Mexican and South American Arabica beans.

With a rating of 9 on the Nespresso intensity scale, these coffee grounds are dark roasted and provide a very dense flavour with an after taste that lingers for a long time.

One of the most prominent flavours that comes through is caramel.

Who is this pack for?

Well remember that you need a Vertuoline Nespresso coffee maker to use with these capsules.

This pack of coffee is perfect for loyal Nespresso fans.

You have the Nespresso coffee machine and you like the quality and the sense of security that their own brand coffee brings.

It is also a great choice for the huge number of people who like consistency- drinking the same great cup of Americano everyday.

And, it has to be said, the Intenso blend is for lovers of really strong coffee, a coffee that has lots of flavour and flavour that stays on the tongue.

Nespresso VertuoLine Stormio Coffee

*x30 capsules, 1 variety

  • x30 Stormio


This is another 30 capsule pack that has only one blend in it, Stormio

Stormio is made from 100% Arabica beans from Nicaragua and Guatemala.

With a rating of 8 on the Nespresso intensity scale, these coffee grounds are dark roasted and provide a taste and flavour that is spicy, woody and cereal like.

Who is this pack for?

I think that this pack will appeal to some of the same types of people that like the Intenso pack described above.

*Loyal Nespresso fans.
*Same cup of coffee everyday

And to finish, this pack will be perfect by Arabica bean “fans”- those drinkers who in an ideal world would not use any other type of coffee bean.