Best Milk Frothing Pitcher For Latte Art

Your relationship with coffee has developed over time. You have taken things slowly- nice and steady.     First there was the coffee machine or perhaps it was a moka pot? Suddenly, you realised what great coffee could taste like. Not being satisfied … [Read more...]

Best Handheld Milk Frother

Fancy a new handheld milk frother? Perhaps your last one broke... Or you are sick and tired of spending a small fortune in your local coffee shop. Either way, one of my thirteen top handheld milk frothers is bound to suit your budget and meet your needs.  For those of … [Read more...]

Best Milk Frother for Almond Milk

In today's article I am going to be looking at the best milk frothers for almond milk- and here is why... Almond milk is the most popular of all the non dairy plant based milks, by far. It has staggering 64% share of the market and its nearest rival (soy) controls only … [Read more...]

Best Non Dairy Milk for Frothing

There are many reasons why people are switching to non dairy milks to use in their coffee. For some people it might be because of a moral decision such as veganism and for others it might be part of a push to lead a more healthy lifestyle. A third group of people (that … [Read more...]

Best Milk Frother for Flat White

So you have a bit of a flat white "obsession"? It is not a surprise as the combination of deep and rich shot of espresso (or two) with a soft and velvet like portion of hot milk is highly addictive. Besides, we have all been there... And our demand for gourmet coffees … [Read more...]