Keurig K Cups and Health Risks

Coffee has become a huge part of many peoples lives, and it is an ever-changing drink. With new flavors and types of coffee being invented, new technology to make coffee, it is constantly changing and evolving the ways that we drink coffee. Keurig, a huge company that makes coffee machines, is part of one of … Read more

Black Specks in Keurig Water

With times progressing, even things such as making coffee has become easier for us to do. Instead of making the traditional way, adding the water and coffee together in a coffee maker, we’ve now been introduced to appliances like the Keurig in the past few years. A Keurig coffee make can bring simplicity and ease … Read more

Best Keurig Alternatives

Hello and welcome to my post about the best coffee brewers that you can buy that aren’t made by Keurig. And, I didn’t want to just review some non Keurig coffee machines- which is what many other reviewers seem to be doing. Instead my post compares four different non Keurig brewers with their most similar … Read more