Best Small Keurig for Desk

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If your career is moving at warp speed towards becoming a senior manager or executive then you don’t need to waste your time on looking for the best small Keurig for a desk.

You might want instead to plump straight for this

But for the rest of us, who will be shackled to our desks in a cramped office, finding the right Keurig coffee machine to power us through the day is a must.

Why is drinking coffee at work important?

I think that it is well known that coffee is one of the most popular workplace drinks but fewer people are aware of the many benefits that drinking coffee can have.

And so, let’s quickly go through them!

[1] OK. A well known fact. Coffee is a stimulant that can help to keep you alert.

[2] Studies have shown that coffee breaks themselves can increase productivity.

[3] Did you know that coffee drinkers tend to be happier in their work?

[4] Coffee can reduce sleep deprived stress and

[5] that is helps to keep you trim by increasing your metabolic rate.

Features of a perfect small Keurig for your desk

In this review, I compare 5 of the smallest Keurig coffee makers.

If all of the desks in all of the offices in all of the world were the same size, then there would be no need for a comparison and everyone should buy Keurig’s smallest model.

But, different desks in different offices are different sizes and so are the coffee makers in my comparison.

And although they are all on the smaller side, their dimensions do vary quite a bit.

I believe that there are at least 7 features that all small Keurig coffee maker needs to have in order to be used on a desk.

[1] Dimensions

Width and depth are the most important.

Why is this so important?

So that it takes up as little space as possible because their desk has lots of other items to fit on it.

[2] Light weight

Many of you will buy your own coffee maker for your desk and that means that you will be carrying in from the car.

Also, over time you might move from one part of the office to another and so you won’t want to be lugging a heavy item across the office.

[3] Adjustable Brew Size

Why is this so important? So that they can have different size of coffees at different times in the day

[3] Range of Color Choices

Why is this so important? So that it fits in with design of the office and the decor of their desk

[4] Removable Drip Tray

Why is this so important?

[a] So that it can be easily cleaned and

[b] It can fit a travel mug in it for their lunch break or for their journey home.

[5] Energy Saver

Why is this so important?

Because sometimes life becomes busy and stressful whilst you are at work and you cannot always remember to switch a machine off.

[6] Power cable

[a] Storage- Ideally, the power cable needs to be able to be stored neatly for those days or weeks when you won’t be using the coffee machine at all.

[b] Size- It needs to be a reasonable size so that it can reach an electrical socket.

[7] Quiet

Why is this so important?

This is fairly obvious. Most people who work at a desk are situated in large open plan offices which are filled with people working at desks.

If you want a coffee maker for your desk, you do  not want a machine that is going to make a lot of noise and disturb your co workers who are working around you.

Special Features

And having looked at a wide selection of small coffee makers that are suitable for a desk, I think that there are five more features that only the very best Keurigs have.

[8] Touch Screen

Who wants to press a button, when you can just touch a screen? We love them on our phones and tablets and so why not on our coffee machines? Touch screens give a coffee maker a nice modern “edge” to them.

[9] Hot Water on Demand

Are you a coffee junkie who every now and then likes a change?

The odd cup of tea perhaps or the occasional “packet” soup?

If so, you will really appreciate a hot water on demand function, for those times when you just need our Keurig to provide a cup of hot water.

[10] Not Just Cups

As I mentioned earlier, offices are social places and although you are looking for a Keurig to meet your own needs, every so often you might want to spread the love.

Some of the coffee makers in my comparison can brew not just cups of coffee but carafes as well.  

[11] Removable Reservoirs

Is it easier to take a water reservoir to the faucet or to take the water to the coffee machine.

Many people like a reservoir that can be removed and taken to the sink to be filled instead of having to fill a jug and then carefully pour the contents into a water reservoir.

[12] Strength Control

If at times you fancy a cup of kick with a bit more of a “kick” then look out for a coffee maker that allows you to brew a stronger cup of coffee at the touch of a button.

K Mini Plus


With a width of fewer than 5 inches, the Keurig K Mini Plus is a small, yet stylish coffee maker that will fit in even the smallest spaces.

It is 12.1” High (16.8″ with the handle open) x 4.5” Wide x 11.3” Deep.

The coffee maker is not too costly but some people may find it a little overpriced compared to its feature set.

Judging by the reviews, the product is not bad but not a great one either. It is made of plastic. So, the build quality is nothing out of the ordinary. When viewed from the front, it looks very slim compared to other coffee makers in this price range.

The product is available in two color options – black and cardinal red.

The K Mini Plus is very simple to use as all you need to make a nice cup of coffee is to push the big silver color button on the top. There is no digital display.

Some of its features include –

Strong brew – If you like to have a more intense cup of coffee, you can press the button labeled strong beside the power button to brew a stronger cup.

Removable one cup reservoir – You have to add water each time you want to make coffee. There is no auto-clean function but the removable one cup reservoir makes it pretty easy to clean.

Pod storage – If you like portable coffee makers, this is a good choice. It can hold 9 K-Cup pods.

Adjustable brew size – You can brew any cup between 6-12oz. All you have to do is adjust the amount of water you pour into the reservoir.

It also has a handy 90 seconds auto-off feature.

Many people like it because of its sleek and compact design which looks quite attractive.  

Ideal brewer

If the most important thing about your new coffee maker is that it must be the smallest one available, buy the K Mini Plus.

Keurig K15


The Keurig K15 is a compact coffee maker that is great for small spaces.

It is 10.8” High x 6.9” Wide x 10.7” Deep.

The price of this model varies greatly across the several color options available, which seems a bit strange.

There are 6 color options available – Black, Chili Red, Greenery, Jade, Platinum, and True Blue.

Judging by the reviews, it is a poor product and not reliable at all.

The build quality is average as it is made of plastic and there seems to be several design flaws.

Some of its features include –

Brew size – You can brew any cup size between 6-10 oz. For a bolder brew, you have to use the 6 oz. cup.

Water Reservoir – It has a one cup water reservoir for portability.

Drip tray – You can remove the drip tray to fit travel mugs of up to 5.2” tall.

Automatic Shut Off It also has an automatic turn-off feature that lets you save energy and offers easy cleaning as it holds a full accidental brew.

A common complaint most people have about this product is its durability. The product starts to malfunction even after a few uses.

Also, it also has a very short power cable.

The only redeeming aspect of this model is that it makes a hot cup of coffee in less than 2 minutes when it works.

Ideal Buyer

Mmm…I am not sure that there is one.

The K15 is not a great coffee maker and so unless you have you heart set on buying the K15 and not anything else, choose something different.



In terms of width, the K250 comes in at an impressive third place.

At only 9″ wide it is certainly impressive- although it is 15″ deep and so that is something to bear in mind.

But this coffee maker is packed full of features.

The price of this model is a little high when compared to other models but reasonable because of its features.

Judging by the reviews, it is a good product.

People like it because of its touchscreen display and its ability to brew multiple K-Cup pods, K-Mug pods, and K-Carafe pods.

A frequent complaint people have about this model is the lack of an auto-off feature.

The build quality of the product is nothing special as it is made of plastic.

However, it is a little different in design when compared to other coffee makers with similar feature set and price.

The water reservoir on this model is on the back instead of being on the side. This lends it a cool look.

You can choose from the following color options – Black, Imperial Red, Oasis, Peacock Blue, Plum Grey, Sandy Pearl, and Turquoise.

Some of its features include –

Multiple Brew Size – It can brew 4, 6, 8, 10 oz. K-Cup pods, 12-16 oz. K-Mug pods and 22-30 oz. K-Carafe pods.

Touchscreen Display – It has a 2-inch black and white touchscreen display for easy option selection.

Strength Control – You can control the strength of your brew to have a bolder cup.

Removable Water Reservoir – It has a 40 oz. removable water reservoir that lets you brew 4+ cup of coffee before having to refill it.

Hot Water Dispenser – You can dispense hot water even without a pod. All you have to do is open and close the brewer handle.

Ideal Buyer

The Keurig K250 is a perfect buy for a coffee drinker who has a little more space on their desk and wants a coffee maker with more features!

K Select


Coming in at a fraction of an inch (9.2″) wider than the K250, the K Select is however not as deep as the K250 (11.6″ vs 15″.)

When compared to other Keurig coffee makers with a similar feature set, this model is priced almost the same.

Judging by the reviews, this is a good product with a few drawbacks. People like it because despite being a mid-range k-cup machine, it can brew multiple k-cup sizes. It can also accommodate travel mugs up to 7.4 inches tall.

Some people claim that it has a design flaw because this model keeps failing after 3-6 months even after replacement.

This model is made of plastic and has no design edge over similar models. It is available in the following color options – Matte Black, Matte Navy, Matte White, and Vintage Red.

Some of its features include –

Multiple Brew Size – It supports popular brew sizes such as 6, 8, 10, 12 oz.

Strong Brew – This feature lets you brew a stronger cup of coffee.

Large Removable Water Reservoir – It has a large 52 oz. removable water reservoir.

Brewer Maintenance Reminder – It has a descaling reminder so that you know when it’s time to remove built-up calcium deposits.

Simple Button Controls – It has no digital display but has simple button controls so that you have no problem selecting your desired brew size.

Programmable Auto-Off – It also has a 2-hour programmable auto-off feature.

Ideal Buyer

If you like a simple coffee maker that has a large water reservoir (52 oz.) and a strong brew option, think about buying the K Select.

K55 (Classic)


The K55 is the “classic” coffee maker from Keurig.

It is 13.3” High (17.6” when open) x 10.1” Wide x  13.2” Deep.

It is double the width of the K Mini, which is a lot more space taken up on your desk.

The price of the product is average – not too costly but not cheap either. It could have been priced more aggressively.

Judging by the reviews, it is a decent product and is very popular.

However, due to its build quality and design, it can be a hit or miss.

Many people claim that the K55 makes great coffee but it is unreliable as it doesn’t work fine consistently.

The product is available in two color options – Black and Rhubarb. It is made of plastic just like any other machine in this price range.

So there is really nothing special about it.

Some of its features include –

Brew size –  You can brew multiple K-Cup sizes – 6, 8 or 10 oz. In order to achieve the strongest brew, you have to use the 6 oz. brew size.

Large removable water reservoir – It has a large and easy to fill 48 oz. removable water reservoir that will let you brew 6+ cups of coffee before having to refill. Thus, it will save you some time.

Descaling Indicator– Every coffee maker should be descaled in order to remove any calcium deposits and keep it in good working order.

The Keurig K55 provides a “gentle” reminder.

Auto-off – This model has a 2-hour auto-off feature.

Ideal Buyer

What makes the K Classic so attractive is that compared to other coffee makers in my comparison it is priced very competitively and that it is one of Keurig’s most loved coffee makers.

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