Best French Travel Presses

Travel press coffee mugs are great.

They combine the portability and convenience of travel mugs with the perfectly extracted, great tasting coffee a French press provides.

No longer do you have to sacrifice quality for convenience.

But, before you go out and buy just any old French press-style travel mug, consider these important features.


A seemingly obvious feature, it’s important not to overlook this, when buying a travel press coffee mug.

Remember, that when brewing your coffee in the same container in which you are travelling with, you have to factor in your coffee grounds.

Coffee grounds take up space in addition to your water and brew pressing device.

The proper coffee ground to water ratio for French presses is approximately 2 tablespoons (0.5oz) per 6 oz. of water.

If you want to store and drink 12-oz of coffee for example, maybe go for a 14 – 16-oz mug.

Press Type & Filter

Also known as a plunger, there are many different types of presses with many different filters as well.

Most use a stainless-steel or micron meshed filter to make sure no coffee grounds get into the body of your coffee.

This is extremely important, considering you will be drinking straight from the mug.

Any travel press coffee mug that boasts a double-filtered system, locking mechanism or separate compartment for brewing is great and sure prioritize a fine filtration process.

Over extraction is something controllable by a good filter as well.

A lot of higher end travel press coffee mugs will have a system or special filter to stop the extraction process of your coffee once brewed.

**Pro tip: Any filter that is made for “coffee or loose-tea” will provide better filtration as loose-tea is odd in shape and requires fine filtration.

  1. Insulation:

Being ‘double walled’ or ‘vacuum sealed’ are great features to have in your travel press coffee mug to maintain your coffees temperature.

Whether it be hot or cold, you want your coffee at the correct temperature to maintain its great taste and consistency. Double walled refers to the construction of the mugs outer body or walls. The thickness of the container’s walls, determine how much heat can enter or exit through them. If something is described as ‘double walled stainless-steel’, it means it has two layers of stainless-steel. Double-walled insulates better than single-walled, but not as great of an insulator as triple-walled. Vacuum sealed, means it reduces heat transfer through the air inside the mug or containers walls. If a travel press coffee mug is vacuum sealed it means it will maintain the liquids temperature well. The most common terms you will hear when describing a travel mugs insulation is ‘double-walled’ or ‘vacuum sealed’. The combination of the two, ‘double wall vacuum sealed’ is best.

  1. Material:

For travel, you don’t want anything breakable or made with harmful chemicals that you could possibly ingest. Glass is breakable and plastic is often made with harmful chemicals that can leach into liquids (especially when heated). Stainless-steel has proven to be the best material for travel mugs. It is both durable and can be made without the use of chemicals such as BPA’s; which are often found in plastics. Parts of your travel press coffee mug are ok to be made from plastic, but ideally you don’t want any plastic coming into contact with anything you will ingest. This means water, loose tea or coffee grounds. If possible, it is always best to go with anything that states ‘BPA FREE’. Silicon is a great alternative to plastic and can be used in a variety of different ways.

**BPA stands for bisphenol A. It is an industrial chemical, used since the 1960’s and has been proven to be harmful to humans when ingested.

  1. Cleanability:

One reason why you may have chosen to research buying a travel press coffee mug is for convenience. Being able to brew, store and drink all from the same container is very handy and requires less cleanup than its alternatives. To make things even easier, try to find a travel press coffee mug that is dishwasher safe and with an easy to rinse filter.

  1. Spill / Leak Proof:

There’s nothing worse than leakage or spillage… especially when it comes to coffee. An extremely important aspect of any mug designed for travel is that it is both leak and spill proof. Ideally, you want something you can store in your bag, lay on its side and move around a lot without having to worry about it leaking or spilling. Some mugs, will have a locking mechanism for travel, others a sealant ring around the lid. If a manufacturer has put extra effort into making their product ‘Leak-Free’ or ‘Spill-Proof’ they will often advertise it. Most travel press coffee mugs do prioritize this, but it never hurts to take a look at the consumer reports or reviews to see if anyone has had issues with a leaky or spill prone travel container.

  1. Lid Type:

The lid type is actually quite important and does not only effect how you drink your coffee. It’s the one piece of a travel press coffee mug that ties everything together. Insulation, drinkability, press type and spillage are all effected, controlled and can benefit from a good lid. If you want a travel mug that can be stored in a pack or bag, you probably don’t want a plunger handle sticking out of the top of it. If great coffee kept hot is what you’re after, maybe a dual-system or insulated lid will be handy. Some have locks to prevent spillage and others, handy carrying loops. Whatever your specific needs require, make sure you’re thinking about the lid type.

  1. Grip:

Generally, this aspect of a conventional travel mug is an afterthought. When it comes to travel press coffee mugs this is actually very important. A travel press (for travel) can entail brewing sometimes in peculiar or less than steady circumstances. Even if your travel press coffee mug is merely for your morning commute, it’s always nice to have a good handle on things. Silicon is a popular (and frankly the best), option for outer hand grips. It’s a great insulator, heat protectant and is soft to the touch… plus silicone is 100% BPA free! It ticks all the boxes and is a great addition to any travel mug, especially when used in place of plastic.

Ideal Buyer for Travel Press Coffee Mugs

If you are interested in, or have decided to make the switch to a travel press coffee mug, you are most likely someone that is busy or takes coffee on-the-go. But that doesn’t mean you still don’t appreciate the taste and consistency of great coffee. Travel presses (especially French press style) coffee mugs are a convenient way to enjoy coffee, brewed the way it should be. This is by hand and with the close attention of an experienced, smart coffee connoisseur. Or in less pretentious terms, someone that loves properly brewed coffee!

Whether you’re a student, working professional, busy stay-at-home parent, commuter or travelling nomad, a travel press coffee mug is the perfect choice for you!

Bodum Travel French Press


In terms of price, the Bodum Travel Press is pretty average. But, in terms of convenience, it is much more than that.

Consumers love this all in one; brewing, drinking and heat-maintaining, mug, as it has become very popular… and for good reason too!

Its sleek design with metal accents and color options, give it a very modern and hip look.

In fact, it looks just like a stylish travel mug. So much so, that the fact that you can actually brew coffee on-the-go with it as well as transport it, is almost unnoticeable.

Double vacuum sealed walls, keep the heat and freshness of your coffee preserved for hours.

This particular travel press from Bodum can hold up to 15-oz of coffee at a time, comes with a spill resistant lid, built-in French press style plunger and silicon hand grips.

It is dishwasher safe and customers love it for its convenience as well as sleek design.

It can brew, transport, and keep your coffee hot for hours. The all-in-one, Bodum Travel Press, is perfect for anyone who appreciates style along with portable and great tasting coffee.

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Espro Travel Coffee Press


This is a higher-end, travel coffee press made by Espro.

Being that it is a higher-end device, you would naturally expect it to have some number of heightened features, improved design or capabilities…. and it does.

You will not be disappointed when using this travel press for coffee or tea. With an intelligent, basket shaped, two-filter system, you’ll be assured to never experience any grit or residual coffee grounds when drinking your coffee.

This sleek and simple looking travel press has color options and looks just like your standard travel mug.

This is in part because it can also be used as just a standard travel mug. As well as being able to brew up to 10-oz of coffee directly in it, you can also use it as a travel mug, holding up to 15-oz of already brewed coffee.

It is made with a double wall vacuum sealed stainless-steel body.

The two-filter (or microfilter) system allows for French press brewing as well as the ability to brew pour-over coffee.

It is compatible with paper filters if you prefer less oily coffee with zero chance of grittiness. Its filtration system also stops coffee extraction automatically once the press plunger is pushed down.

If you are primarily a tea drinker, and love loose-leaf tea, you can opt for the ‘Tea Filter’, in which coffee extraction can be stopped with the touch of a button. With this option the tea is also filtered twice.

All of this, with the added ability to keep your coffee or tea hot for 4-6 hours is why customers absolutely love this two-filter, travel French press and pour over travel mug.

If you’re someone that hates grit and loves intelligently designed and versatile coffee brewing on-the-go, then you’ll love this travel coffee press from Espro.

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Stanley Classic Vacuum Travel Press


A mid-ranged classic travel press mug for the average coffee drinker.

‘Classic’ is the best way to describe the Stanley Classic Vacuum Travel Press Mug because of its design and physical appearance.

Resembling a retro travel thermos, this 160z teal colored press mug looks as if it belongs in a black and white movie, or best enjoyed in the back of an air-stream trailer.

It’s made from stainless-steel, is vacuum sealed and BPA-free.

Being able keep coffee (or general liquids) hot for 4-hours, cold for 5-hours, and frozen for 20-hours, makes it great for long hiking trips or adventures.

To help facilitate these activities, it also has a foldable carrying loop, making it easy to secure or clip onto backpacks.

Its plunger device for brewing is unique, unattached to the lid and completely removeable (unlike many travel press coffee mugs).

This is a retro mug. Think hipster. Customers absolutely adore this travel press mug, but mainly for their emotional attachment to it.

For how cool it looks and how different it is than other mugs on the market. In terms of functionality, there are definitely other travel press coffee mugs on the market that can deliver better heat maintenance with more intuitive designs.

But for how unique it is, the cool look and overall feel it gives off, the Stanley Classic Vacuum Travel Press Mug is definitely a one-of-a-kind travel press coffee mug, for certain one-of-a-kind individuals.

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Zyliss E990001U Travel French Press


As far as French press travel mugs go, this is about as economical as it gets.

The single-serve, Zyliss Travel French Press is a great and very budget-friendly option.

Judging by its appearance, you would never guess that this coffee mug has the ability to brew coffee as well.

It merely looks like a well-insulated, home-style, black coffee mug.

And although it is well insulated (being double walled to keep heat in), it is far from a standard home-style mug.

To use, merely add your coffee grinds as you would any other French press travel mug, and then your water.

Instead of a plunger style press, this particular mug uses a handheld, mesh filter that clips onto the side of the mug once pressed down all the way.

Once this is done, you can snap on the travel mug styled lid and voila!… you have a single serving of French press brewed coffee in a home-style, insulated mug.

Zyliss is known for their craftsmanship and using high-quality materials. This particular mug is made without the use of harmful chemicals such as BPA’s.

Feedback on this mug is overwhelmingly positive for its convenience and innovative design.

One drawback is sometimes gritty coffee. This is as a result of the small brewing capacity.

Although very convenient, there is no ability to stop the brewing process. If left for long periods of time, over extraction can occur and can cause gritty or thick coffee.

This is not uncommon among a lot travel press mugs, but more noticeable in a small container.

The solution to this is simple… drink your coffee faster!

For those who work in an office, at home or like to enjoy coffee conveniently in a home-style mug with little cleanup, the Zyliss Travel French Press Mug is a great option!

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This is an amazingly priced, portable and all-around great, mid-ranged French press coffee brewer and travel mug.

Its smart, innovative and simple design has made it a staple for travellers, outdoor enthusiasts and anyone wanting to brew and enjoy perfect coffee on-the-go.

The Kohipress is all black, double-wall insulated and vacuum sealed and resembles an aero-press.

Its long, slender design makes it easy to pack away in your bag and allows you to brew 12-oz of perfect coffee wherever you are.

Using a full immersion steep, the Kohipress takes the word ‘plunger’ to a whole new level.

Its giant, pressurized plunger press has a patented self-locking system that separates used coffee grounds from your coffee once brewed to avoid over extraction.

A fine micron stainless-steel mesh keeps all grounds out of your coffee, and the entire device is very easy to clean.

The plunger is made from plastic, so if you are averse to plastic or possible BPA’s, another stainless-steel option might be a better choice for you.

Thinking of every aspect of portable coffee brewing / drinking, the Kohipress is leak-proof.

This is just one of the reasons why consumers love it. It’s truly one-of-a-kind and great for travel.

Like any one-of-a-kind product, there will always be imitators. But, for the reasonable price of the Kohipress, I would recommend going for the real thing as opposed to trying to save the marginal amount you would, by buying a knock-off for cheaper.

For a traveller or anyone wanting a great, portable, French press coffee brewer travel mug with no chance of grit or over extraction, the Kohipress is an obvious choice!

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