Best Coffees to Drink Black

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What does black coffee taste like?

Some say black coffee is bitter others say it’s heavenly but what does it really taste like?
One amazing thing about coffee is that it doesn’t have one single taste. The taste of black coffee can be anywhere between sweet, fruity, acidic, nutty or chocolatey. The exact taste of each coffee depends largely on factors like it’s origin, type of roast, freshness and brew quality.
Assuming we have coffee beans of different origins which are all very fresh and perfectly roasted, and we brew each coffee into a different mug, if you take a sip from each mug you’ll be surprised to find out they all taste differently. And that’s because they were grown in different parts of the world.
Coffee beans from Columbia and Burundi have mild sweet taste like caramel or brown sugar, Kenyan and Ethiopian coffee beans have the fruity sweetness and acidic taste of citrus. If it has a sweet candy-like taste then it’s from Nicaragua and those from other parts of Central America (Guatemala, Panama) have nutty or chocolatey taste. (
Black coffee provided it’s fresh and perfectly brewed will have its characteristic taste and it’s not uncommon to have a taste overlap across origins. Some coffees will be smooth and silky, some sweeter, others more acidic. If you know the origin of the beans, roast type, freshness and brew quality then you can tell if the coffee drink is the best version of itself.

What are the benefits of drinking black coffee?

If you think drinking a cup of black coffee every morning only gives you an energy boost to kick-start your work day, then prepare to be awed because you’re about to find out some mind-blowing benefits of drinking black coffee. Aside improving brain function, memory and physical strength, black coffee literally works wonders for the mind and body.
Did you know that black coffee reduces your risk of cardiovascular diseases? Yes, by improving blood flow it helps the heart function better, this lowers the risk of stroke. Plus it contains zero calories which is great news for your heart and waist line. Drinking black coffee will help your taste buds evolve so you can pick up the unique flavors of different coffee beans.
Black coffee is packed full with antioxidants which protect your organs from oxidative damage, strengthen your immune system and keep inflammation at bay. Drinking black coffee increases dopamine levels, this gives you a clearer mind, higher cognitive ability and prevents depression. It also protects your liver as it helps detoxify the body. If you drink black coffee often you’ll notice your increased need to urinate, that’s black coffee cleansing your body. (
Despite these amazing benefits of black coffee you should be aware that drinking it excessively can have very unpleasant effects.

Tips and tricks to prepare and drink the best black coffee

Black coffee doesn’t have to be bitter and a torture to your taste buds. If prepared and brewed right it can be an exotic beverage and this isn’t rocket science. With just a few tips you can make yourself tasty and aromatic black coffee drinks that your taste buds will grow to appreciate and crave.
Perfect black coffee only requires the following; fresh coffee beans, the perfect roast type for you and optimal brewing conditions. Following the steps below will get you a fragrant and tasty black coffee drink.
Buy fresh coffee beans; the quality of black coffee starts with the quality of the beans. Whole coffee beans of perfect roast quality is the first step to achieving a perfectly brewed black coffee. This may not be ideal if convenience is very important to you but if truly you want to enjoy the goodness of black coffee, then you should give it a try. And make sure the beans are stored in air tight container – very important.
Grind the beans just before you brew; now you may be thinking, how on earth am I supposed to do that? Relax, this is really not too much trouble because your hard work will eventually pay off – a fresh and flavorful cup of coffee. To grind the beans you need a Burr Grinder, this will efficiently reduce the coffee to the best brewing ground size. (
Brew; using a coffee brewer that’s programmed to brew coffee at the optimum temperature to ensure complete extraction of aroma and delicate flavors is a good way to achieve high quality black coffee. Brew your coffee using an excellent coffee machine.

Tips to help you switch to drinking black coffee

So you’ve decided to ditch cream and sugar and switch to black coffee. Kudos! But we both know that’s not an easy part to follow and that’s probably why you’re reading this, right?
Switching to black coffee after years of enjoying coffee drinks with loads of cream and sugar can be really tough, it requires some determination and a couple of tips to smoothen your journey to join the big shots in the coffee world.
Really? Big shots in the coffee world? Just kidding!😂
But first things first, you need to realize that black coffee doesn’t taste bad except it’s bad coffee. (
And to smoothen your transition, the tips below will get you started.
Learn about the different coffees and try them out; you may have heard of different coffees with different tastes and flavors and also different types of roast. To know the exact coffee type that suits you will require that you explore these coffee types. Some coffees have mild sweet taste, some taste like cherry or citrus while others have a nutty and chocolatey taste. And it’s best to start with light roast because it’s less likely to give you a bitter brew and many coffee lover prefer light and medium roast to dark roast.
Use an excellent brewer; brewing high quality coffee requires certain ideal conditions and a brewer programed to meet those conditions will give you a coffee drink with all the delicate flavors and rich aroma, so you can taste the real goodness of black coffee.
Try it black first; just before you dump all that sugar and cream in your hot brew, take a few sips to savor the real taste of coffee. Lift that mug to your lips, sip some black coffee, close your eyes and actually taste it. Do this a few more times, it gives your taste buds the chance to pick up the unique taste of good coffee. (
After tasting it you can add a little bit of sugar and cream, continue to cut down on the amount you add until you won’t need them anymore.

How to make black coffee taste less bitter

If your black coffee tastes bitter, then something isn’t right with it. And if you have coffee beans of fine quality brewing them badly can give you a bitter coffee drink. This means both your coffee beans and brewing method have to be perfect for a good cup of coffee. To brew less bitter black coffee take note of the following;
Don’t burn your coffee; to brew a hot cup of coffee you need hot water, this doesn’t mean boiling water. Coffee brewed with boiling water tastes really bitter as the too-hot water will burn the coffee grounds and give it a bitter taste. This can be avoided if the water is between 195°F to 205°F.
Use light roast; dark roasts are much more likely to give you bitter tasting coffee. That’s why you should use light or medium roast, plus lighter roasts retain more of the unique flavors of coffee.
Don’t over extract; to taste good, coffee has to be extracted just right. Under-extraction gives it a watery taste while over-extraction makes it bitter and unpleasant. To avoid over extracting your coffee make sure you don’t brew for too long and use the right amount of coffee grounds per brew. It’s best to get an excellent coffee machine and follow the brewing instructions correctly. This saves you from loads of stress and agony. (

[1] Lavazza Caffe Espresso (Whole Bean)

Lavazza Caffe Espresso Whole Bean Coffee Blend, Medium Roast, 2.2 Pound Bag
  • One 2.2 pound bag of Lavazza Caffe Espresso Italian whole coffee beans
  • Rich bodied medium roast with highly aromatic notes
  • Non GMO, 100 percent Arabica
  • Blended and roasted in Italy
  • Best used for espresso but also suitable in any coffee maker

If you’re an espresso lover, you’ll agree with me that an excellent cup of espresso depends on the quality of coffee beans. And nothing beats the taste of fresh coffee beans of good roast quality brewed with a professional espresso machine. This is exactly what you get with Lavazza Cafe Espresso Whole Beans.

The Lavazza Cafe Espresso is a medium-dark, smooth and premium blend of 100% Arabica coffee. Blended and roasted to perfection in Italy, this rich-bodied medium roast whole coffee beans creates an intense and velvety espresso cup with high aromatic notes; specifically floral and fruity notes with delicious flavors. And every sip will leave you wanting more.

Known as the Italian coffee specialist, Lavazza carefully selects the freshest and finest quality Arabica coffee from exotic coffee bean farms in Central and South America. And with the traditional Italian recipe, blends and roasts the beans to perfection. Little wonder it’s Italy’s number one whole coffee beans. The Lavazza Cafe Espresso Whole Beans is best brewed with automatic espresso machines but can be brewed with a variety of other coffee machines including; French press, drip coffee makers etc.

With the Lavazza Cafe Espresso Whole Coffee Beans, you get a cup of espresso with full intensity and flavors intentionally made to tantalize your taste buds and have you craving for more. And it doesn’t compromise on the caffeine content too; if an early morning energy jolt is of great importance to you, the Cafe Espresso from Lazzava will give you just that as it features coffee beans with high caffeine content. 

The Lavazza Cafe Espresso is ideal for lovers of full bodied and highly flavored espresso drinks, and if you’re one of them, then this might just be the one for you. Plus you get the full Lavazza experience that is truly Italian.

[2] Koffee Kult – Medium Roast Coffee 

Koffee Kult - Medium Roast Coffee Beans, Whole Bean Coffee, 32oz
  • Fresh medium roasted whole coffee beans, not stale loaded with oil from sitting on the shelf. This is the same gourmet whole bean coffee that we serve in our retail locations. Cupping Notes: big body, balanced medium acidity. with a crisp sweet finish. No oil on beans.
  • Koffee Kult is a family owned and operated artisan coffee roaster not a distributor, we roast our coffee, on our machines. You can visit our state of the art roasters that are environmentally friendly in person.
  • This Medium Roast whole bean coffee is sourced from from 100% arabica coffee that is well balanced, sweat with a bold flavor but smooth. We do not use any bitter robusta coffee beans
  • Taste the difference in your cup! A strong, smooth, well balanced coffee that is great brewed as espresso, cold brew, french press, pour over, and drip coffee.
  • Risk Free, you can Add To Cart now, with a no questions asked satisfaction guarantee refund policy. You have nothing to lose.

Is your definition of excellent black coffee strong, bold, smooth, velvety and aromatic? If yes, then prepare to be awed by that perfect brew because you just found the coffee beans for it. And it’s the flavorful and delicious tasting medium roast from Koffee Kult.

Koffee Kult Medium Roast is a unique blend of 100% Arabica coffee (finest coffee quality) sourced from the best coffee farms in Brazil and Colombia. And perfectly roasted in Hollywood, Florida by artisan coffee roasters.

Specifically crafted to suit your taste, the Koffee Kult Medium Roast is strong, smooth and highly aromatic. This medium roast coffee gives you a quality medium bodied brew with balanced acidity and delightful flavors including mild cherry, caramel, dark chocolate, walnut and a crisp sweet finish. Flavors that’ll leave your taste buds shamelessly craving more. And you’ll find yourself jumping off of bed for your daily caffeine boost even before the alarm goes off.

With no trace of bitterness, this medium roast from Koffee Kult was intentionally made to give your taste bud a thrill. It’s great when brewed with either an espresso machine or a drip coffee maker. But if you prefer your coffee cold brewed or you like it French pressed, then your search for the perfect coffee is over because this is an excellent choice. And with only a sip you can taste the difference.

Aside making mean espresso shots, these coffee beans are also suitable for creating amazing cups of lattes, cappuccinos and macchiato.

These beans have no oil on them, this means grinding them is pretty easy as you won’t have to stress so much on grinder selection.

This is a favorite for many lover of bold, strong black coffee and if your one of them, then you should try this out. It could turn out to be your favorite too.

[3] Peet’s Coffee Big Bang, Medium Roast Ground Coffee

Peet's Coffee Big Bang, Medium Roast Ground Coffee, 20 Ounce Peetnik Pack
  • BIG BANG: A brilliant blend created to celebrate Alfred Peet and our 50th anniversary, featuring the exotic fruitiness of Ethiopian Super Natural. Flavor notes: Vibrant blast of tropical fruit in a smooth, medium style
  • OBSESSED WITH FRESH: From the beginning, Peet's Coffee has roasted the best coffee beans we can find with quality in mind. We also care for the communities that grow & harvest those beans, because coffee is better when it is grown & sourced responsibility
  • BREW LIKE THE BEST: Brewing the best cup of coffee starts with finding your favorite roast or blend. Whole beans or ground coffee, dark, medium or light, single origin or a blend? Try a variety & find the best brew for the morning mug or afternoon pickup
  • LIGHT, MEDIUM & DARK ROAST: Brew a pot of Peet's ground or whole bean coffee in a blend & roast perfect for your tastes. Light roast coffees are mild & smooth, medium roast coffees are smooth & aromatic, while dark roast coffees are smoky & full bodied
  • COMPARE WITH: Eight O'clock, Vitascope, illy, Folgers, Organic Coffee Co., Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Koffee Kult, Copper Moon, Community Coffee, Kauai Coffee, Kicking Horse Coffee, Ethical Bean Coffee, Don Tomas Coffee, Caza Trail Coffee, Hygge Coffee Co.

As an avid coffee drinker, if you’re looking to experience another powerful and uniquely rich coffee then the Peet’s coffee big bang medium roast is a good place to start. Presently, Peet is considered as one of the largest and leading coffee brands in the UK and this is simply because over the years (since 1966) they have been able to consistently deliver exceptionally high quality coffee to consumers.

And to keep up the tradition of offering really unique coffee, Peet came up with this amazing coffee grounds named ‘Peet’s Coffee Big Bang Medium Roast Ground Coffee’. The smooth, rich and complex flavors of this coffee doesn’t disappoint; which is very characteristic of Peet.

Strictly sourced from the freshest and finest quality of coffee beans and manually roasted by artisan coffee roasters (by hand and in small batches), this coffee gives you a silky smooth, medium style brew with rich flavors and bold original taste. Plus a pleasant after taste you’ll never forget. It combines the best quality Arabica coffee beans (100%) from Latin America and East Africa in an aromatic premium blend. This gives it the sweet and fruity aromatic citrus notes of Ethiopian coffee.

This coffee is just perfect for your early morning cup of joe, because it’s already ground. So no need to grind which will make the brewing process quicker and easier. Perfect for meeting up the morning rush hour and also perfect for a quick brew at lunchtime.

To get the best brew from this coffee; measure and use two tablespoons of coffee grounds for every six ounces of water. Use fresh, cold filtered water to brew and enjoy your original tasting coffee within 30 minutes of brewing. To retain its freshness, the Peet’s Coffee Big Bang Medium Roast Ground Coffee is best stored in an opaque, airtight container.

[4] Cafe Don Pablo Light Roast (Decaf)

2LB Cafe Don Pablo Light Roast Decaf Swiss Water Process Colombian Gourmet Coffee Decaffeinated - Light Roast - Whole Bean Coffee - 2 Pound (2 lb) Bag
  • " Lighter Roast" - Because the Water Process, these beans appear to be roasted darker than they are
  • Natural carmel and cocoa with a hint of citrus. Smooth, clean finish with low acidity
  • Light Roast - Whole Bean Arabica Coffee - GMO Free
  • Artisan Roasted in Small Baches for Optimum Freshness
  • Try Don Pablo Risk-Free: Buy Now, and if you don't love our coffees, Amazon will happily refund your order

Would you like to consistently enjoy rich, flavorful and refreshingly tasty coffee without having to worry about a truckload of caffeine in your bloodstream? If you have tried decaf coffee, then you would have noticed that they mostly taste awful. But this isn’t the case the Cafe Don Pablo Light Roast Decaf.

This coffee is smooth and rich with the mild sweetness of Colombian Supremo. It’s medium bodied, has the pleasant acidity of citrus and a lasting chocolate and walnut finish. Despite that it’s 99.9% free of caffeine, it’s as good as any excellent non-decaf coffee. This is because the coffee is sourced from the finest quality coffee beans (100% Arabica coffee) grown in nutrient-rich volcanic soil in the mountainous terrain of the World’s coffee growing regions.

These beans are then naturally decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process. This entails carefully using only the purest water to rinse the beans of their caffeine content while making sure all the natural flavors are retained. Next, the beans go through the roasting process by artisan coffee roasters. They are lightly roasted and in small batches to carefully caramelize the natural sugars they contain.

This exotic and artistic coffee processing method gives rise to light roast decaf coffee with a smooth, consistent caramel sweetness and pleasant aftertaste. This coffee is rich in natural flavors and not very acidic, it’s simply excellent coffee without the caffeine. For a decaf coffee drinker, what could be better than that?
Cafe Don Pablo Light Roast Decaf coffee can be brewed using your traditional drip coffee machine, French press, hand drip method or cold brewed.

Even with decaf coffee you deserve to taste the refreshing goodness of coffee, and with this light r

[5] Kicking Horse Coffee, Cliff Hanger Espresso,

Kicking Horse Coffee, Cliff Hanger Espresso, Medium Roast, Whole Bean, Certified Organic, Fairtrade, Kosher Coffee, 35.2 oz
  • Unique Pentax Technology: Pentax Bright, fruit & cocoa, heavenly. Get a grip on this chocolaty, smooth blend. Don't hang in suspense, this blend reads like the manifesto of delicious coffee.
  • Tasting notes, brew method: Silky and complex, wild berry syrup with a smooth cocoa finish. Recommended methods: French press, drip machine, pour over, espresso and cold brew.
  • Origin Africa, Indonesia, Central & South America: Grown in a socially and environmentally responsible way, by farmers with sustainable businesses they can depend on.
  • Organic, Fairtrade, Kosher, Shade Grown, Arabica coffee: Coffee that is good and fair for the coffee drinkers, the farmers and the planet. 100 % certified.
  • Roasted in the Rocky Mountains: it’s all deep, dark and delicious, roasted right below the towering Canadian Rocky Mountain peaks.

In your quest for the ultimate cup of coffee, you may have been led by well meaning recommendations from fellow coffee addicts to the same old; burnt, very acidic and horribly bitter tasting coffee or just plain flat unremarkable brew. And I can imagine how disappointing this experience has been for you. But it doesn’t have to continue.

You deserve good quality coffee and that’s what you get in Cliff Hanger Espresso from Kicking Horse Coffee. This medium roast whole bean coffee is bold, smooth and silky with the syrupy note of wild berries and complex aroma, including milk chocolate, brown sugar and a cocoa finish. This blend is a smooth combination of the best coffee beans from around the world; giving you a purely heavenly experience. And it’s no surprise that Kicking Horse is Canada’s number one coffee brand.

The beans in the Cliff Hanger Espresso are of the finest quality and we’re carefully selected from the best coffee farms in the world; Asia, East Africa and Central and South America. And perfectly roasted right below the towering Canadian rocky mountain peaks.

This blend features the pleasant acidity of Central American coffee which is excellent for espressos. This acidity is toned down by the fruity notes of East African coffee beans. And the body comes from the amazing Indonesian coffee beans. With very low acidity and no sour taste, this blend has no reason to upset your stomach, especially if you have a very sensitive stomach.

These coffee beans are slightly oily and with a French press you can brew yourself a tasty and refreshing cup of coffee. The oily texture of the beans can make them incompatible with some grinders and they do not work very well in super automatic espresso machines; as they can clog the grinder. Other recommended brewing methods include; drip machine, pour over and cold brew. With the right grinder, brewing shouldn’t be a problem.

[6] AmazonFresh Colombia Whole Bean Coffee (Medium Roast)

AmazonFresh Colombia Whole Bean Coffee, Medium Roast, 32 Ounce (Pack of 1)
  • Balanced, full-bodied medium roast with a smooth finish
  • One 32-ounce bag of whole bean coffee
  • 100% Arabica coffee grown in Colombia
  • Roasted and packed in the U.S.A.
  • Shown as a serving suggestion

If you enjoy really good coffee but are a bit conscious about the price, then this may be just what you need. Roasted and packed in the United States, the AmazonFresh Colombia Whole Bean Coffee delivers freshness coupled with a refreshing taste. And with its high caffeine content, it gives you just that energy jolt you need to brighten your day and get going.

And if you want something budget friendly, then this very suitable. This inexpensive whole coffee beans from Amazon is designed to deliver high quality experience and every sip will leave you wanting more. It’s mild with very low acidity.

Amazon Fresh Colombia medium roast offers you a well balanced full bodied brew with a subtle citrus aroma and hints of cocoa, brown sugar with a smooth finish. And with its well toned acidity, this won’t give your stomach any stress. So if you have a sensitive stomach, worry not because this coffee won’t upset it.

This blend from AmazonFresh is made from 100% Arabica coffee (the finest coffee quality) beans from Colombia. And each coffee bean is masterfully roasted to a perfect medium roast by expert roast masters, who carefully time each batch to ensure the aroma and toasty flavors of the roast compliments the bean’s unique characteristics.

To retain its freshness and unique flavors, these coffee beans are packed immediately after roasting with a one-way freshness valve designed to deliver a high quality experience at its flavorful best.

If you prefer a coffee drink that’s much bolder, stronger and acidic, then this may not be for you because it’s mellow and a bit unlike the usual Colombia coffee beans. Despite that, this coffee is delicious and it gives you the same quality as Starbuck’s coffee. Provided you get a fresh pack and brew properly, you’ll have an awesome coffee drink.