Best Coffee Makers With Removable Water Reservoir

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Every die-hearted coffee lover knows the value of being able to enjoy coffee from the comfort of their own home.

Coffee makers can range from simple to complex – in terms of their features.

And with earlier designs, it is quite the norm for coffee makers to have a built-in reservoir – making them more compact.

But having to make several trips between the water tap and the coffee maker can be quite the hassle.

Worst of all… it can lead to unwanted spills that you’ll have to spend even more time cleaning up.

This is one reason why having a coffee brewer with a detachable water reservoir can make a world of difference.

Defining Coffee Maker with a Removable Water Reservoir

Just a simple glance at the name of this contraption reveals so much about what it actually is, and why it is distinctly different from a regular coffee making machine.

A coffee maker, in this context, is a machine which serves the purpose of brewing coffee.

A reservoir on the other is a specific area designed to store liquid – in this case: water.

Like many other coffee makers, these brewers are equipped with a water reservoir.

But even better, with these brewers, you can actually separate the water storage from the machine itself, take it to the tap, fill it with water, replace it and you’re good to go.

And this simple function can allow for an overall smoother coffee making process at home.

Having difficulty perceiving how these could possibly make any significant difference?

Picture a busy mom of three on a Monday morning, trying to get herself and her kids to work, school and the nursery on time.

With a toddler in hand, she fills a pitcher with tap water, and hurries over to her coffee machine at the other end of the countertop.

As she pours the water into the fitted reservoir, her three-year-old releases a deafening shriek – which absolutely startles her, and she accidentally empties what’s left in the pitcher on to the countertop.

Now she has to spend another few minutes or so trying to dry up the mess, and…

You get the picture.

Who Should Use Them?

There is a wide variety of coffee makers with a removable water reservoir on the market.

So depending on their overall need, a buyer can make the selection which best suits them.

Their need may be that they want one with the best k-cup, the best budget, the best espresso, the best strength control, the best temperature control and the list goes on.

Depending on the combination of features, some brewers are easier to operate than others, so that is another deciding factor.

But, generally, these sorts of coffee makers are well-suited for coffee lovers who don’t have the extra time in the mornings to drive to a coffee shop, or to wipe up unforeseen water spills – but who need that perfect cup to start their day, every time.

These are also great for those who store their entire coffee machines under a cabinet.

This way, they don’t need to remove, and replace the entire machine every, single time they are making coffee.

Best of all, they are also perfect for meticulous coffee lovers who simply prefer a clean environment.

Since the reservoir can be removed, it can also be easily cleaned, and left of the counter to properly air dry.

The Good and the Not-So-Good

No machine is perfect.

Coffee makers with removable water reservoirs are no exception.

When deciding on which to purchase, it is good to take into consideration, the following pros and cons.


• Easier to refill than coffee makers with built-in reservoirs.

• Some can store more water than those with built-in reservoirs. Therefore, less frequent refilling is required.

• Many have a variety of sizes and can accommodate cups, travel mugs, and even carafes.

• Great tasting coffee without the coffee shop price tag.

• Some brands have a timer to help you to make a cup at the right time every time, or to determine how fresh your coffee is.

• In most cases, making a cup of coffee is as easy as A-B-C.

• Reservoir is easy to clean.

• Some brands offer a variety of colors to better match your existing scenery.


• Single serve designs are not always economical for company use.

• With some brands, they are more expensive than regular coffee brewers with built-in reservoirs.

• After a while, the reservoir may leak on some brands.

• Some brands have more features and can be a little more complex to use.

• Some brands are quite noisy.

• Some water reservoirs are smaller than others.

Must-Have Features

So what should you really focus on when deciding on which coffee maker with removable water reservoir to purchase?

To conclude, here’s a list of the most important features you should consider if you want to get the most out of your coffee maker.

LCD Display – An LCD display on a coffee maker is a little screen that can come in really handy if you’d love to have a programmable machine.
They help make the machine easy to use. In some models, you can even have a color or touchscreen display.

Programmable Timer – This is an embedded clock feature which can allow you to tell your brewer when to start working. This is great if you want to have a fresh cup at the right time, every time.

Water Reservoir Capacity – Water reservoir capacity refers to the maximum amount of water the reservoir can hold at any given time.
It’s important to think about this if you’re the kind that simply doesn’t like frequent refills.

Heat Control – This is the machine’s ability to switch between temperatures at your command. This is great if you’re sensitive to heat and want to have greater control of the element.

Strength Control – Similar to heat control, this refers to the coffee maker’s ability to alter the strength of the coffee without having to manually change the cup size.

Automatic Power Off – People forget. This is why this feature is so outstanding. This feature will ensure that your machine has shut down after a predetermined period of inactivity. Very safe and energy efficient.

K55 K Classic

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At just a little over ten pounds, the K55 K Classic by Keurig is the best K-Cup single serve coffee makeryou’ll find on the market.

It comes come fully decorated in either black or rhubarb – a shade of red – and with a slew of features including auto-off and descaling.

For a couple more bucks, you may opt to get one with a storage drawer under the brewer.

The storage drawer can hold up to 35 K-Cup pods.

The Exterior

The K55 K Class coffee maker is ten inches wide and 13 inches deep, and is coated in a matte finish.

It has a silver handle for lifting its lid.

And can facilitate three cup sizes and even a seven-inch travel mug!

To the left of the brewer, there is a clear, removable reservoir that can hold up to 48 ounces of water.

On the top-right, there are three buttons for selecting the desired cup size, one power button and one button to select from the different modes of: adding water, descaling, heating, and enabling auto off.

The Interior

Imagine having an extra few minutes in the mornings, or decreasing the probability of spilling water from a pitcher trying to refill a built-in reservoir.

Its removable water reservoir will spare you from making a trip with each new cup of coffee, since it will brew up to six cups before needing a refill.

This coffee maker can brew either six, eight or ten ounces of coffee from a K-Cup pod.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t allow you to adjust its internal water temperature.

But… Never fear! Auto-off is here!

This feature will automatically power off your brewer if it’s been left on idle for more than two hours.

Say ‘yes’ to saving energy!

The powerful descaling feature makes cleaning your coffee maker pretty much hassle-free.

It works to remove any long-term build up of calcium deposits or scale in your brewer.

It is equipped with a removable drainage tray to quickly dispose of any spills.

The K55 K Classic is compatible with a range of K-Cup brands.

Included in the package are 4 Keurig K-Cup pods, two water filters, and a water filter handle.

The Verdict

The easy-to-use K55 K Classic coffee maker with removable water reservoir is the best K-Cup brewer yet.

Its removable reservoir will spare you multiple trips to the water faucet and will, without a doubt, help make your morning routine easier.

This brewer is best for household members who don’t have a lot of time to spare in the mornings, but can’t start their day without a good cup of coffee.

Mr. Coffee BVMC-PSTX95

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That’s the first thought that pops into mind at the sight of this budget-friendly coffee maker.

In addition to having a removable water reservoir, this coffee maker keeps your coffee hot, and comes with a Grab-A-Cup Auto Pause feature.

In The Eyes of the Beholder

The Mr. Coffee BVMC-PSTX95 coffee maker with removable water reservoir, is rectangular and is built almost entirely from stainless steel.

There is an LCD display in the top right corner – which shows the time and a fresh brew timer.

Beneath that, there are three pairs of button: ‘Dim Display’, ‘Hour’, ‘Set Delay’, ‘Minutes’, ‘Delay Brew’ and ‘Clean’.

Finally, there is a button which allows you to ‘Brew Now’ or to power the machine off.

The removable water reservoir is housed in the left of the brewer.

The right side of the brewer houses the water filter, and at the base, there is a stainless steel thermal carafe.

Beauty is Only Skin Deep

This invention is gorgeous on the outside, but does it live up to its promising appearance?

Mr. Coffee included both a removable water reservoir and filter basket.

This contributes to making the filling and cleaning processes much more convenient.

It’s water filtration system is so powerful that it will remove the majority of chlorine (at least 97%).

So you’re guaranteed great tasting coffee!

No true coffee lover can enjoy a cup of lukewarm coffee.

The thermal carafe makes it absolutely unnecessary to use a heating mat, since it will keep your coffee nice and hot.

But if you need to get your cup before the brewing is complete, you can just grab your cup and auto pause will stop the brewing cycle.

Another automatic addition is the auto shut-off feature – which will turn your coffee maker off after two hours of idle time.

The ‘Delay Brew’ option gives you the opportunity of waking up to the smell of fresh coffee, and the fresh brew timer indicates how long your coffee’s been made.

The cleaning cycle helps you to get rid of any calcium build-up with ease.

The Judgment

We all know never to judge a book by its cover.

But if you judged this coffee maker just by its stellar outward appearance, then you certainly deciphered correctly.

Its removable water reservoir slides in and out for greater convenience.

So, this Mr. Coffee BVMC-PSTX95 coffee maker with the removable reservoir is a great option for coffee lovers on a budget.

Gaggia 14101 Classic Semi-Automatic Espresso Maker

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The Gaggia 14101 Classic Semi-Automatic Espresso Maker comes with a removable water reservoir, and a pannarello wand.

Its amazing features make it the best entry-level espresso maker yet!

It’s a multipurpose machine manufactured to last from the inside out – whether used in personal or commercial settings.

A Quick Look

This rectangular espresso maker models a rugged brush stainless steel finish.

At the top of the machine, there are three control switches.

The first, on the left, is the power switch – which when turned on illuminates a miniature, red-orange light beneath it.

In the middle, there is a steam switch which triggers the machine to heat up to steam temperature.

At the flick of this switch, the temperature ray light (to its right) will be turned off, and as soon as the machine is at steam temperature, it will again be illuminated.

The final switch is the brew switch, and it functions to turn the pump on and off.

To the right side of the machine, is the steam knob.

Dispensing hot water from the pannarello wand and steaming is manipulated by opening and closing this knob.

To the bottom, there is a black drip tray coupled with a white splash guard.

Behind the drip tray, you’ll find the removable water reservoir, and a chrome tube standing before it.

Right above the drip tray, there is a chrome-plated brass porta filter.

A Deeper Look

The 58-inch porta filter on this machine is the sort you would find in any commercial setting – such as a coffee house.

It is equipped with a commercial, pressurized basket.

This will allow you to produce that rich, thick crema layer without the knowledge of a coffee-making whiz.

It will also allow you to pull a perfect espresso shot every time.

The pannarello wand – through its dispense, froth and steam functionalities – will help you to make cappuccinos and lattes like a pro!

This coffee maker by Gaggia heats its broiler in as little as 20 seconds for steaming and five minutes for brewing.

It is compatible with both pre-ground coffee and Easy Serve Espresso (ESE) pods.

Final Word

This machine is great for making espressos, lattes and cappuccinos, and for frothing milk like a professional barista.

It is great for individuals – with some time on their hands – who want that authentic espresso experience from the comfort of their own homes.

It is also best for those who don’t mind putting in a little to work to set it up and prime it for use.

Nespresso Essenza Mini

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Though quite miniature, the Nespresso Mini is as majestic to espresso lovers as the grand piano was magnificent to Beethoven.

In fact, this single serve coffee maker, with removable water reservoir, comes only in piano black.

It is a versatile and efficient performer which presents itself in a neat, little package.

What You See

This rectangular coffee maker is very sleek, slender and simple in appearance.

To the very back of the brewer, there is a removable water reservoir with a lid.

At the very top, there are two buttons to allow you to take advantage of the Espresso and Lungo functionalities.

Beneath these buttons, there is a lever which is used to eject Nespresso capsules into a used capsule container – which can hold up to six capsules.

At the base of the coffee maker, there is a drip base, drip tray and drip grid trio.

What You Get

In addition to all of the above, the Nespresso Essenza Mini comes with a range of other features.

Its tiny size doesn’t only make it more portable, but will save you a lot of countertop space.

So, if you have space that’s three inches wide, this little machine will fit snugly into place.

Its one-touch operation and extraction system makes its super easy to create the perfect cup with each use.

Absolutely no learning curve!

Feel free to say ‘thanks’ to its 19 bar high-pressure pump, and quick heat up structure which work together for flawless coffee creation every time.

This resourceful gadget also knows a lot about saving time.

It heats up to the ideal serving temperature in just 25 seconds, and it automatically switches off after only nine minutes.

Its flexible nature allows you to effortlessly switch between 1.35oz and 5oz cup sizes.

Every purchase includes a welcome kit with 14 coffee capsules of varying aroma profiles.

What I Think

Nespresso’s Essenza Mini with removable water reservoir is the best Nespresso addition to the coffee lover’s kitchen.

It comes in a small package for convenient storage, and is straightforward enough for easy use – even by the first time user.

If you’re the kind of coffee lover who likes to save time and space, this is definitely a great buy!

Keurig K575 Single Serve

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What does a coffee lover do if the temperature just isn’t hot enough?

They adjust; using a microwave.

But why pop your cup of coffee into the microwave when you can have the Keurig K575 Single Serve?

It comes with temperature control and a removable water reservoir.

What more could you ask for?

The Outside

Weighing almost a whopping 14 pounds, this Keurig single serve coffee maker is available in platinum, and can be accompanied by a silver carafe if preferred by the buyer.

At the left-hand side, there is a transparent, removable water reservoir with a flip-top lid.

On the front-left panel, there is a cool nightlight that can change between red, white, blue or green.

To the middle, there is a touchscreen which displays a home screen and a screen for coffee pod manipulation.

The power button sits comfortably beneath the home screen, and on top of the brew head.

Beneath the brew head is the drip tray and its reliable companion – the drip tray plate.

The Inside

With the Keurig K575 Single Serve you can save tons of time with the removable water reservoir!

The reservoir allows you to make over ten cups before ever having to refill it.

Simple, right?

Plus, there is a nightlight sitting right in front of the reservoir.

Talk about energy saving!

This coffee brewer facilitates five different cup sizes namely: four ounces, six ounces, eight ounces, ten ounces and 12 ounces.

This means you can use a cup, mug, and even a carafe!


What’s even more amazing is that it gives you the ability to control the temperature of your beverage.

And – with its strength control setting – you can alter the boldness of your coffee no matter the size of your K-Cup pod.

The touchscreen is extra large and comes in full color.

With it, you can program your brewer to automatically start working or turn off at a specific time.

The Truth

Keurig’s K575 Single Serve brewer with removable water reservoir is the best deal you can get for a temperature controlled coffee maker.

Its water reservoir adds to the convenience it brings, and its temperature control allows you to drink your coffee at a degree of heat that is just right for you.

For the early commuter who needs to make their coffee before sunrise, this is absolutely a great selection!

Keurig K250 Single Serve

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When it comes to coffee, what is strong for one person may be weak for another.

This is why it’s super important to have a coffee maker with the great strength control.

The Keurig K250 Single Serve has a removable water reservoir, a touch screen and outstanding strength control capabilities.

The Look

The Keurig K250 Single Serve shows off a modern look, and comes in black.

But if you’d like to add a pop of color to your morning, it’s also available in imperial red, oasis, peacock blue, plum grey, sandy pearl and turquoise.

To the back of the unit, there is a translucent, removable water reservoir with a detachable lid.

On the top housing, there is a black and white touch display screen and power button.

Beneath that section, is a simple, round brew button.

Under the top housing, is the brew head, a drip tray and a drip tray plate.

The Feel

It’s great that this coffee maker is stunning on the outside, but none of that matters if it doesn’t work wonders.

The removable reservoir can hold up to 40 ounces of water – which can make at least four cups of coffee before a refill becomes necessary.

Brewing is simple!

With the two-inch touchscreen, you can have your coffee is less than one minute.

It facilitates K-Cup pod sizes: four, six, eight and ten ounces, and will brew a Carafe up to 30 ounces.

It also accommodates K-Mug and K-Carafe pods as well as My K-Cup reusable filters.

Take advantage of the opportunity to brew a bolder cup with its strength control setting.

It is packaged with 4 complimentary K-Cup pods, two water filters, a water filter handle, and a bottle filled with descaling solution to help you bless your coffee maker with a life of longevity.

The Worth

Keurig K250 Single Serve coffee maker with removable reservoir does a great job of helping coffee lovers save time.

Because of its strength control feature, it would be a great addition to a household of coffee drinkers who have varying gustatory needs.