Best 12V Coffee Maker- 6 Models For All Coffee Loving Petrol Heads

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12V coffee makers are devices for caffeine loving nomads- people who spend their working lives or love to spend their spare time driving around in a car, RV or truck.

And of course, they are addicted to coffee and can’t wait till the next service station for a cup of coffee.

No, 12V coffee makers are for people on the move who have separation anxiety unless they are within six feet of a coffee maker.

They are just like other drip coffee makers but they tend to be a bit smaller, simpler and instead of having a 110V plug on the end of a power cable, 12V coffee makers have an adapter that fits into a 12V socket or cigarette lighter in a vehicle.

Pros of 12V Coffee Makers

To be honest, I can only think of 1 advantage that 12V car coffee makers have.

Convenience: For those nomads who cannot bear to be parted from their next caffeine fix, these coffee machines allow you to have a constant supply of coffee when you are on your travels.

Cons of 12V Coffee Makers

On the flip side, in car coffee makers seem to be to have plenty of drawbacks.

Here are my “bottom” four.

Expensive: As these coffee makers cater to a very special market, they are much more expensive than standard coffee makers.

Feature Poor: Forget making a latte using a machine with a steam wand whilst “on the go”.

12V coffee makers have no bells or whistles.

Slow: Because these coffee makers are powered by 12V and not 110V, you will have to wait much, much longer for your coffee to brew.

Durable: These coffee makers often have a limited life span. Either


Having said in the last section that these coffee makers for RVs are “feature poor”, just what are some of the features that you can expect to get?

Well from looking at the six machines that I reviewed, here are six features that you will find.

Boil Dry Protection

This hardly needs to be explained but boil dry protection, is an auto shut off feature that prevents your portable coffee maker from boiling dry.

Brew Pause

Brewing a full pot but you want a coffee now?

Brew pause allows you to pour a cup of coffee midway through the brew without hot coffee dripping everywhere.

Once the carafe is replaced, brewing can continue.

12V and 110V

This is special! One of our in-car coffee makers can be powered via a 12V adapter and a traditional 110V adapter. Very flexible indeed.

Reusable Filters

Having a reusable filter is very handy in all situations.

After all, paper filters are a pain to use, dispose of and remember to reorder.

And nowhere is this more true than for people on the go.

Mounting Bracket

If you truly want to be able to brew coffee on the move then a mounting bracket is a very important accessory?

How else will you ensure that with all the bumps, holes and curves in the road that your brew won’t end up all over you and your car or campervan interior?

Nespresso Pod Compatibility

In a list of pretty basic functions, one of the machines in my comparison does offer a luxury option- the ability to use Nespresso Pods.

This is great for all of the Nespresso fans out there.

#1: RoadPro 12V Coffee Maker (RPSC- 784)

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If you’re a caffeine addict and an avid road-tripper or truck driver, you might be missing fresh, home-brewed coffee.

Instead of settling for gas station coffee (or no coffee), it might be time to invest in a coffee machine you can take and use on the road, like the RoadPro RPSC-784.

The RoadPro RPSC-784 plugs right into your 12-volt outlet in your car, making it a portable and convenient choice.

This portable coffee maker is mid-range in price.

However, with a majority of negative reviews, it is clear this coffee machine is a dud.

Buyers of the RoadPro RPSC-784 are all in agreement that you should stay far away from this piece of junk.

They note that it takes 15-20 minutes to make a cup of coffee, and that the coffee turns out lukewarm at best.

Even more concerning is this machine’s durability.

Many users note that the plug becomes too hot and stops working after a few months.

Some even say that the machine has fried their cigarette lighter plug, rendering it useless as well.

Besides the volt plug-in, there are no features that make this coffee maker stand out from the rest.

It is perfectly traditional, with a black and stainless steel color scheme and your typical brew basket on top and carafe on the bottom.

In addition to its portability, the RoadPro RPSC-784 features:

  • A 7 feet cord so the machine can comfortably reach the 12-volt plug and rest wherever you’d like it to
  • Stop-drip interrupt that automatically detects when the carafe is removed and prevents coffee from spilling and dripping
  • A reusable filter that’s both easy to clean and environmentally friendly. Say goodbye to wasteful paper filters
  • A carafe that doubles as a travel mug for ultra convenience. No more transferring it from carafe to cup or cup to mug.

If you’re a coffee lover looking for a caffeine fix when you’re on the road, the RoadPro RPSC-784 is not your solution.

#2: Max Burton Coffee to Go 4 Cup

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If you’re feeling an itch to travel and hop into your car, RV, or boat, you might be worried about your coffee prospects when out in the great wilderness or sea.

Rather than just winging it, purchasing a Max Burton Coffee to Go 4 Cup machine that has a 12-volt plug can ensure that your coffee goes wherever you go.

The price of this machine is average.

With very low ratings and a relatively small buyer base, the Max Burton Coffee to Go 4 Cup is not anyone’s first-choice when it comes to portable coffee machines.

People’s biggest complaint about this machine is the brew time.

There are varying accounts of how long it takes to brew a cup of coffee, with reports ranging from half an hour to a couple of hours.

For most people, the brew time is simply not efficient.

In addition, this machine does not hold up well over time, breaking after a few weeks or a few months.

Buyers state that this product is not worth the money.

With black plastic and a glass carafe, the machine may appear a bit dated compared to the modern coffee makers of today.

However, in general, the machine’s design is traditional and unsurprising, which appeals to a large group of buyers.

The Max Burton Coffee to Go 4 Cup offers:

  • Brewstop that allows you to have a cup of coffee without waiting for the entire pot to brew.
  • 4 cup capacity so you have enough coffee to last you your entire day.
  • Mounting bracket in case you need to mount your machine to a wall or cabinet inside your RV or boat.
  • Reusable mesh filter so you don’t have to bother purchasing paper filters.

For on-the-road or on-the-sea travelers, this machine does not make finding coffee any easier. It would be best to look elsewhere for a portable machine.

#3: Schumacher 1229 12V Coffee Maker

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With a 12 Volt plug, the Schumacher 1229 is a travel companion that you can take in the car.

You will never be too far from a cup of a coffee with this machine, which makes it perfect for frequent travellers and campers.

In regards to price, the Schumacher 1229 is mid-range.

But aside from it’s reasonable price, there is very little positive feedback about this machine.

It has proven to be very unpopular amongst its buyers.

Buyers are unhappy with the low quality of the machine as well as its lengthy brew time.

This machine has been said to overheat and break after a short period of time, occasionally shorting out a car’s cigarette lighter plug in the process.

In addition, the long brew time of this machine means that users are not actually saving any time by brewing their own coffee.

The machine falls short of its primary function–adding convenience and portability to your coffee routine.

The design of this machine resembles the classic Mr.

Coffee coffee maker that was a star back in the day.

With that being said, the machine’s bulky coffee basket and carafe doesn’t exactly look very travel-friendly.

In fact, the bulbous nature of the machine might make it difficult to carry around.

The Schumacher 1229 has the following features:

  • Boil dry protection that prevents coffee from burning and drying in the carafe, which means clean up is fast and easy.
  • Anti-drip valve so the coffee doesn’t spill onto the burner plate and make a mess.
  • 10 cup capacity that is enough to satisfy an entire family’s coffee needs.

The Schumacher 1229 is not well-suited for anyone’s needs unless you’re looking for a hunk of plastic.

#4: Revelux Electric Portable Espresso Coffee Maker

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We all know some mornings involve a mad dash out the door without your coffee mug in hand.

Rather than trying to tough out your workday without caffeine, the Revelux Electric Portable Espresso Coffee Maker can do the work for you, brewing a strong shot of espresso while you’re driving.

It’s the perfect addition for people who want to use their driving time more efficiently.

In comparison to other portable coffee makers, the Revelux Electric Portable Espresso Coffee Maker is high in price.

While this product hasn’t gained a huge following, it’s small base of customers have given it glowing reviews.

Buyers rave about the delicious, full-bodied espresso that this machine makes, comparing it to the quality of a “real” espresso machine.

Buyers also cannot get over the convenience of this machine, stating its portability has saved them time and money on long drives.

Resembling the top part of a coffee grinder, this machine is sleek and compact.

Its ingenious and modern design includes a capsule holder and a cup that can be accessed separately and put back together.

This means there are no tiny pieces to worry about keeping track of or losing.

This machine was also made to fit snugly inside your cup holder.

In addition to its portability, this coffee maker includes:

  • 15 bars of pressure that is comparable to high-end espresso makers you might find in your local coffee shop.
  • Nespresso capsule compatibility so you don’t have to fumble around, trying to load grounds into the machine.
  • A fully automated process that brews coffee with the touch of a button, allowing you the freedom to drive while the machine does all the work.
  • Detachable cup so you don’t even have to worry about packing a travel mug with you. You’ll never be in a coffee cup bind again.

This portable machine is perfect for coffee addicts who can’t go without their coffee on a long drive and for people with crazy mornings who want to make the most of their commute.

#5: Aicok: Travel Coffee Maker, Electric Portable Espresso Machine

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For adventurous coffee lovers who never want to be without a cup of coffee, the travel coffee maker is the answer to your prayers.

With the capability to brew coffee in the car and then be taken on the go, this machine is perfect for hikers, campers, and everyone in between.

The Travel Coffee Maker is on the higher end of the price scale.

A relatively unknown product, this espresso maker has received generally positive reviews.

It’s difficult to gauge its popularity, due to the small number of reviews, but so far buyers have not pointed out any huge issues.

The majority of buyers love the convenience of this coffee maker, stating it makes steaming hot espresso in a flash.

It is perfect for people who are always on-the-go.

While there is a complaint concerning a possible defect, it doesn’t appear to affect every buyer.

Most people are satisfied with their purchase.

Smooth and pocket sized, this espresso maker can easily fit in a pocket, travel bag, or cup holder.

The machine features a screw off cap and removable pod-holder, keeping the cylindrical gadget sleek and seamless.

In addition to its portability, this coffee maker includes:

  • One button operation to keep the process simple. Dispense as much or as little espresso as you desire.
  • Detachable cup so you won’t be caught without a coffee cup ever again.
  • Fast heat up that makes hot espresso in just 10 minutes
  • Nespresso pod compatibility for extra convenience, just pop it in and voila!

Traveling businessmen and outdoor wanderers can finally agree on something — this portable coffee maker!

If you need espresso on demand and on-the-go, you should keep the Travel Coffee Maker in your back pocket (literally!).

#6: WACACO Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker

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There are few truly “portable” espresso machines that don’t leave you tethered to a cord or a power source of some kind.

The WACACO Nanospresso changes the game.

Completely manually operated, you don’t have to worry about finding an outlet with this machine, which leaves you free to roam without any worry that you might not have access to caffeine.

The WACACO Nanopresso means more than just portability, it means freedom to have your coffee where you want it.

This machine’s price is not quite average or expensive.

Compared to similar products, it falls somewhere in between a mid and high-range machine.

This portable espresso machine has racked up positive reviews from its buyers.

Beyond the convenience of this machine, buyers love the taste of the espresso.

They state it is comparable to espresso created the “traditional” way, yet this machine offers far more portability.

Even though users aren’t fans of the cleaning process, it does not detract from their love of the machine itself, proving that the positives of this machine greatly outweigh any minor negatives.

Forget everything you think you know about how an espresso machine should look.

We can probably guess the image you conjure up: a bulky steel machine full of knobs and levers.

The WACACO Nanopresso rejects any idea you might have about a “traditional” espresso machine.

This espresso machine fits in the palm of your hands and has absolutely no knobs or levers to be found.

Its design can be described in one word: simplicity.

All of its components fits neatly into each other, meaning what you’re left with is a tiny espresso machine that you can throw into your go-bag.

The Nanoespresso has:

  • The power of a traditional espresso machine, which includes 18 bars of pressure.
  • An included cup for added convenience.
  • A weight of just 336 grams, the lightest handheld espresso machine ever.
  • Pod compatibility so you don’t have to pack coffee grounds on your trip.
  • Large cup capacity so you can make more than one shot of espresso.

If you’re a coffee addict that’s looking for a handheld, completely portable machine, the WACACO Nanopresso is for you.